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Civil Jets Page 106

FS2000. B737-200 Aer Lingus (original scheme) Features full 3D moving surfaces, Flight and Ground Spoilers, Rolling Wheels, Steerable nose gear with landing light, High Resolution day and night textures, Un-Synchronised Strobe lighting, Transparent flight deck windows, Flight crew, 3D Compressor blades, Working thrust reversers. Accurate model, designed from scratch using FSDS Pro. By Terry Gaff. 3.3MB
FS2000 Lufthansa Airbus A318 { Notes: Lufthansa continue to show full support for the Airbus program by ordering the "Baby jet" Due in service 2002 Typical Passengers: 107 Length: 103' 2'' (31.44m) Wing span: 111' 10'' (34.09m) Power: 2 CFM 56-5 Engines A320 by K.Simmelink N.Botamer Engines and A318 by Toby Vickers FS2000 and FDE modifications by Tony Madge Textures Tony Madge. 2.7MB
FS2000 Project Open Sky Boeing 747-200F (Freighter) Martinair. This is the only full cargo plane that is flown by Martinair. The plane was delivered a couple of months before Boeing stopped the production of the B747-200.This aircraft is made by Project Open Sky Model Designers : Mitsushi Yutaka & Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C. Daniel Test Pilots : Project Open Sky Members FDE Advisor / 747 Data : Simon Ng Hin Tat. Repaint by Floris Meinster. 5.4MB
FS2000 PrideAir 727-200. Original Model by E.Diaz. Repainted by M. Witus. PrideAir was founded by Continental's Paul Eckel and Barry Duggan following the unsuccessful attempt to resist takeover by Texas International via E.S.O.P.. It was hubbed at KMSY - New Orleans. It operated for 6 months. 410K
FS2000 Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-ER ver5 Atlantic Coast Airlines Reg ID: N850FJ A Delta Connection Operator For FS2000 only with Max Moving Parts and night lighting. Designer: Barry Blaisdell ACA Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 370K
FS2000 Boeing 747-128 Air France (Old scheme) This plane, F-BPVB was used by Air France from 1970 to 2000, and featured this paint scheme until 1978. Features smooth fuselage, night textures and animations. Flight model & animations by Federico Veronesi. Repainted by Miguel Estrugo. 1.4MB
FS2000 JMC Airbus A330-202 (ProMaxL3 Reg G-OJMB. Brand new for JMC fully moving/ animated landing gear, moving fan blades, flaps, slats, elevators, ailerons, rudder, full night lighting with reflection on wings and cockpit lights. Design and original by: Camil Valiquette Repaint by Mike Brand. 366K

FS2000 Project 747 Boeing 747-400 Version 2.0: MalÚv - Hungarian Airlines. This aircraft has been completely built from scratch and features a 32-sided fuselage and engines, full moving parts, tilting and compressed/uncompressed gear trucks, animated reverse thrusters, unsynchronized strobes and beacons, 3D gear/flap/slat bays, 3D transparent cockpit and a lot more. Version II encompasses over half a years of work and contains all the latest in eyecandy technology. Registration HA-LTA. Designed by Melvin Rafi featuring flight dynamics by Johan Dees. Repainted by Gabor Tomcsany. 1.6MB
FS2000-Allegro Boeing 727-200 - from E. Diaz 727 enhanced model- features: moving T-tail elevator, gear, flaps, spoilers, slats, with external wing view - Allegro Paint by Antonio Reyes. 381K
FS2000 Tacv Cabo Verde airlines Boeing 757-200. design by: Lee Rosario paint by: Helker Andrade. 1.9MB