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Civil Jets Page 107
FS2000 Project Airbus A300-600ST Beluga (F-GSTD) (Super Guppy) Featuring: Full 3D moving parts including flapperons, multiple airbrakes/spoileron/ spoilers function, opening doors, 3D interior, 3D rotating fan-blades, thrust reversers, animated gears, steerable nose wheel controls pilot's head, rolling wheels, tilting bogies, lights, emergency Ram Air Turbine. Visual: Thomas Ruth; Technical Advisor: Trevor Slack; Textures: NickWu; FD: Patrick Saint-Dizier. 2.9MB
FS2000 Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400. Includes full 3D moving parts and night textures. All files necessary are included. Original 737-400 by Mike stone. Repaint by Mark Dwyer. 301K

FS2000 American Airlines DC-10-30ER This is a DC-10-30ER in the paintscheme of American Airlines.Photorealistic textures have been used wherever possible. The model features all movable control surfaces and landing gear.Model by Kamal S. Kerba,AIR file by Herve Sors and original textures by Jaco Du Preez (Freeware Flight Group). Photoreal textures by Gary D.Jones. 3.2MB

FS2000 MOZ-H800.zip Hawker 800 XP : Painted in colours of "Cabora Bassa" Inter Regional Liners of Mozambique - Africa FSDS model of the new Hawker 800 XP business jet with full moving parts. All control surfaces, Gear and gear bay doors, pilot head that turns with rudder. Also includes transparent textures with semi detailed interior (Passenger seats and tables etc). Lights: Nav, Strobes and Landing. E2J panel and default sounds. Author Brad Disher. Paint by Mario Coelho. 3MB

FS2000 MD-80 ATI (alitalia group 1988) aerotrasporti italiani ORIGINAL MODEL BY TOSHICHIKA ISHIHARA MD 80 ATI. Features fully moving parts and nightlightning.Textures by MASSIMO GRASSI. 1.2MB
FS2000-Mexicana Boeing 727-200 Old Colors- from E. Diaz 727 enhanced model- features: moving T-tail elevator, gear, flaps, spoilers, slats, with external wing view - Mexicana paint: Antonio Reyes P. 417K

FS 2000, Nasa Boeing 737 - 400 IT WILL SHOW UP AS Another 737 - 400, and not the stock FS2000 737 - 400. Uses stock FS2000 panel. 1.9MB

FS2000 American Citizen Airlines BAC 1-11 510ED American Citizen Airlines' second released aircraft. This aircraft is a work of art, very silent and hard to hear, it is known as the 'Wisper Jet' Full animated parts & night textures. FSDS Model, Animation by David Maltby. paint by Joe Gilchirst. 303K
FS2000 American Citizen Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (ProMaxL2) Rollout of the first B777-300ER (extended range to 7200 nm) features new wingtips, is set for late 2002. Flight test of the longer-range derivatives is expected to begin in early 2003 with certification and first deliveries set for later that year. ProMaxLT Ver.2, features new textures showing passenger windows reflecting on the wings at night and and redesign flaps. Model design by: Camil Valiquette Painted by: Joseph Gilchrist. 204K
FS2000 American Citizen Airlines Boeing 767-400 ER (ProMaxL2) ProMaxLT Ver.2, features new textures showing passenger windows reflecting on the wings at night and and touch up flaps. Design by: Camil Valiquette Paint by: Joseph Gilchrist. 162K