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Civil Jets Page 108

FS2000 Qatar Airways, Airbus A330-200 Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 248K

FS98 version 130K

FS2000 American Airlines Boeing 727-23 American This aircraft is based on an aircraft i saw at airliners.net [photo included] i used photoreal textures from a B727-200 and reworked it to fit on this B727-23.Aircraft uses FS98 FDE. Gerard van Duyn. Features moving ailerons, rudder, elevators, rotating fan blades, flaps, strobe light, landing light, realistic day and night textures. Model by Kevin Trinkle. 539K
FS2000 America West Boeing 757-200 This is an Boeing 757 in the paintscheme of America West airlines.N902AW is their "teamwork coast to coast" themed aircraft. Photorealistic textures have been used wherever possible.The model features all movable control surfaces and landing gear.Model by Lee Rosario and AW textures by Gary D.Jones. 2.6MB
FS2000 Samara Airlines Tupolev Tu-134a-3 [RA-65792] Aircraft model by Victor Stolpyansky. Full animated, with fotorealistic 3D cockpit. Samara Airlines textures by Dennis Methelev Flight dynamics by Dmitry Kolesnik. 970K

FS2000 Republique Francaise A310-300 DDR-ABA Original model and textures: Hans Peter "Hansi" Schwarz and Jens Dohrn Repaint in French Government colors by Federico Permutti Pls.note: I didn't test it in FS98, I don't know if it works with it. Please see "original readme files.zip" for the readme from the original authors!!!!!! This A310-300, registered F-RADB, is a VIP aircraft operating on behalf of the French Government; it is one of two of the type employed on government duties. It originally flew for Royal Jordanian Airlines, carrying the registration F-ODVE and the name "Princess Iman". 369K
FS2000 Boeing 737-291 in Air Kazakhstan livery. Reg. P4-RMB Full moving parts aircraft with night lightning Visual Model by Elias Paraskevopoulos and Vangelis Hassiotis. Repainted by Vitaly Kharchenko. 319K
Fs2000 Air France Boeing 777-300. This is a repaint of the default 777-300 in Air France colors. Actually Air France does not fly the 777-300, but operates the Boeing 777-200ER on routes like Paris CDG to Mexico City. By Ludovic Granillo. 92K
FS2000 Boeing 737-400 replacement textures only . Livery - Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. by Ivan Ilieff. 161K

FS2000 Boeing 737-699 "BR Brasilian virtual airline"New Colors Repaint by Alex Mendes special night lights effects 48-sided based Variable-Sided Fuelage.Moving flaps, spoilers, ailerons, elevators, rudder, and fan blades, tilting bogies, gear bays, night lighting, flashing beacons, transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilots. Original Jon Gibbs AFG Håkon Söreide AFG Tim Korsmeier AFG. 1.2MB

FS2000 Lockheed L1011 American Trans Air This is a Lockheed L1011 in the paintscheme of American Trans Air.Photorealistic textures have been used wherever possible. The model features all moveable control surfaces and landing gear.Model by Kevin Trinkle,AIR file by Sam Chin and ATA textures by Gary D.Jones. 745K