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FS2K - Classic panel for 11AC Aeronca Chief. This panel is an adaptation from "aeronpan.zip" with a grey wood grain as the real 1946 model. by Yannick Lavigne. 1.06MB

Beech King-Air 90 panel for FS2000 This archive contains a panel bitmap and configuration file ready for panel designers' to complete as desired. By Vanessa Leightower. 428K
FS2000/FS98 Top Avionics 747-400 v1.5. Completely rebuild for FS2000. Includes 3 high precision CRTs and many other new analog gauges. Some features : Navigation Display with navaid IDs, PFD with Flight Director, complete EICAS, A/P armed modes, fuel management, standby navaid freqs, etc. Needs Navigation Data for ND Map mode and Flight Plan - see below. SHAREWARE (17 US$). By Tony D'Ambrosio. 919K

FS2000/FS98 Top Avionics 777-300 v1.3. Completely rebuild for FS2000. Includes new versions of RealCRT gauges and many other new analog ones. FREE for registered users of TA747-400 panel. Needs Navigation Data for Navigation Display Map mode and Flight Plan. (Aircraft not provided - see below) By Tony D'Ambrosio.(SHAREWARE) 849K


Navigation Data Display Gauges - Database utility for Navigation Display MAP/PLAN modes. Updated version with Flight Plans management, etc... Needs at least one of the following panels: A320- A330- A340-RCS, B717-RCS, TA747-400, TA777-300. By Tony D'Ambrosio. 2.8MB

Airbus 310/320 Panel for FS2K only. Default FS2K gauges. FPDA pushback zip included. Tested in full screen mode, 1024 x 768 resolution. By Brian Novick. 415K
DHC8-311 Deluxe Panel for FS2000 Ver 1.1 This panel uses the FS2000 GPS 2 configurations. One for FS2k Pro and one for FS2k standard. The only difference is that the FS2k pro version has has the FD switch. Includes an FS2000 based performance "air" file by John J Schumacher. 535K

FS2000 737-300/400/500 Version 2 Accurate Panel UPDATE!!!! by Oliver Minchin This panel has 95% accurate placement of guages, made from many photos. Best viewed in 1024 x 768 or higher. New update fixes missing combi/backup attitude indicator problem. Also adds 3 part fuel guage as in real 737-300/400/500. Also corrects minor problems!. 733K

B757/767 Deluxe Panel for FS2000 ver 2.1 This version features improved placement, frame rates, 6 to 7 resizable MFD's, and increased night lighting. Uses the FPDA Pushback, Altitude Callouts, Gear, Trim and Wind sounds, Seatbelt/No Smoking signs, Fuel Calculater, Internal views and FS2000 GPS Optional configuration to include GPS98-ver3, and Navstar99 (Night lighted) Also Includes an improved FS2000 based air and reference file for the B757-200. by John J Schumacher. 2.9MB. Patch 27K

Wing views 747 (pre 400) Here are some replacement or addon wingviews for the 747. Photo taken by Craig Murray. Edited for FS2000 by Ron Beal. 764K