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Panels Page 12
Wing Views L1011. Here are some replacement or addon wingviews for the L1011. Photo taken by Craig Murray. Edited for FS2000 by Ron Beal. 529K

BOEING MD11 panel for fs2000 only---Default FS2K gauges. screen mode, 1024 x 768 800x600 640x480 resolution. By MASSIMO GRASSI. 270K

FS98/FS2000 Panel for the Cessna 210 Centurion Utilizes reworked bitmap from Michael Tscherdantzew Jr. New gauges and layout. by João Marcelo Lopes. 1.4MB
FS98/ FS2000 panel Boeing 727. This is our classic 1970's Boeing 727-200 panel with all new ultra-realistic night lighting, version 2.1. Includes tutorial. FREEWARE by Richard Probst and Chris Arrington. 1.4MB
FS2000 panel - USAF F-16 Falcon Fighter Version 2. Based on photos of the F-16 cockpit. Designed for 1024x768 mode. Features include both Green and Red HUD gauges, working MFDs, ARC and ROSE HSIs, parking brake and STALL warning lights, panel switches, 'pink' night lighting, correct HUD compass calibration, and corrected gear indicator lights. This version adds a left MFD view for system status, a NEW gear warning horn, and new gear lights that have been fixed. Incorporates the MS FS2000 GPS. By Paul Schwerdtfeger. 880K

FS2000 Professional : Lake 250 Renegade Designed: Marcelo Cánovas. 148K

FS2000 Cessna 182 . This is a panel for the Cessna 172. It was designed specifically for n75726.zip, a FS2000 172 by Fred Choate. It uses almost all default FS2000 gauges, and the FS2000 GPS is toggled by the Avionics Master. 661K

FS 2000 panel Rockwell Commander 685 aircraft, by Igal Kaplan. 471K

Generic Light Jet/Turbo Prop Panel Based on an original Design by David Durst 4 December 1999 Modified by Rick Biagioni [E_Biagioni@onaustralia.com.au] 13 March 1999 Features gauges by HGHB and Laurent Crenier's Autobrake. by Rick Biagioni. 424K

Panel for FS2000: F-104 Starfighter Uses only fs2000 default gauges over photoreal bitmap. Rework from previous fs98 panel by Marco Spada - 230K