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FS2000 panel: OV-104 Atlantis Antlantis' first launch with the MEDS (Multifunction Electronic Displays Subsystem) setup is scheduled for April 24, 2000. Mission STS-101 will have the crew rendezvous with the International Space Station at an orbit altitude of approximately 930,000 feet. This panel has a basic 'airliner' configuration for re-entry simulations in FS. By Vanessa Leightower. 1.6MB
FS2000 Piper Navajo or Similar Aircraft Designed: Marcelo Cánovas. 516K

B757/B767 RealCRT Deluxe Panel v3.0 for FS2000 For registered owners of RealCRT ND2k_11.zip (SHAREWARE) Features 6 switchable MFD's, pushback window, overhead panel, and 7 internal views. Uses the FPDA callouts, HGHB Seatbelt/No Smoking signs, and FS2000 GPS. This system allows you to lock the FS2000 GPS and FS2000 flight plans to the RealCrt FMS and the autopilot by using the Nd2k_11.zip flight plan import utility. by John J Schumacher. 3.3MB
FS2000 Panel Maule Rocket 235 Instrument panel Converted to FS2000. Original panel by Matt Garry, converted to FS2000 by David Giles. Conversion to FS2000 uses mainly stock FS2000 gauges and adds FS2000 GPS. Adds night lighting to non-FS2000 gauges using Chuck Dome's "Makepink" utility. 728K
Generic 'wood & canvas' bi-plane/ open cockpit panel with navigational moving map & moving hand. By P Casey. 654K
Mig 23 HF Panel Version 1.00 Created by: George Vega Martinez. 1.1MB

FS2000 Beech Baron High Resolution IFR panel Elitestyle (Version 1.0) Original by Edouard HALBERT - This panel is for FS2000 professional edition ONLY. PATCH to correct the 2 fuel flow gauges. 90K

FS2000 Boeing 777 panel. Includes custom night-lit gauges. Here's my version of a Boeing 777 panel for FS2000. It was inspired by Sandro Bernardini's beautiful 32-sided 777 aircraft. To fly this marvelous plane, I wanted a proper panel. There are a number of great 777 panels out there, but most of them have too many doo-dads for my taste. Hence, I offer this humble panel which uses mostly stock gauges. The only fancy stuff is a few gauges that provide night lighting. By Chuck Dome. 1.7MB
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - FS2000 only Original bitmap By Chris Alevritis Uses fs2k default gauges + n.2 radar gauges by Stephan Grille/AIRTEAM Rework for fs2000 by Marco spada. 659K

FS2000 Caravan 208 Panel For use with MSFS2000 Professional Edition Design by David Durst. 2.6MB