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DHC8- Microsoft FS 2000 pro-ONLY. This panel is based on the dash8 panel created by Alexander Lawrence and Jan Roar Rød. Freddy Wilhelmsen. 615K
L-1011 for FS2000 only. Includes night lighting. Panel Concept by Mike Vidal Design by David Durst. 1.1MB

737-400 panel from 1st officer's perspective based on bitmap of Chuck Dome and Chris Arrington. Very few additional if any gauges. Also added the Boeing upper windows on the B737's. Jim waters. 329K

DreamFleet Cessna 182RG panel has arrived! DreamFleet 2000 is pleased to announce that their newest panel, for the Cessna 182RG, has been released, and is available for download. Like their award winning Cessna 182S panel, this 182RG panel, with complete interior night lighting, many custom gauges, features, and seven, new interior view bitmaps, pushes the standards of realism even further and, with little doubt, will prove to be their finest panel to date, and a popular addition to many a pilot's virtual hangar. 6.98MB

Dreamfleet Manager v2 - if you have version 1 from the 1st Dreamfleet panel - this will not be required. 2MB

Panel for MD-83 for fs2000 only Uses only default Gauges. Thanks to Eric Ernst for the best MD bitmap !! Rework for fs2000 by Marco Spada from original bitmap by Eric Ernst. 121K
B777 Deluxe Panel for FS2000 ver 1 This is a new series for the B777 This version features internal views and sounds, overhead panel, pushback panel, MFD's, Altitude Callouts, Seatbelt/No Smoking signs, and the FS2000 GPS Optional configuration to include GPS98-ver3 or a GPS of your choice, and Navstar99 (Night lighted). This panel should be used with the FS2k default B777-300 dynamics "air" file. by John J Schumacher. 3.5MB
FS 3 Engine Panel for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 This panel adds a little more realism and an alternative to the Default FS2000 737-400 panel for use with all your 3 engine aircraft. By Ken Thomas. 2.5MB
Saab 340B Enhanced Photorealistic panel ver. 1.0 For FS2000 in 1024x768 resolution only! 81 gauges fully working. FPDA GPWS, Gear wind, Push-back. Panel based on the real SAAB340B AOM. No frame losses. Supports Force Feedback, A/T and turboprop engines. Included: SAAB340B aircrafts in Skyways and SWEDAIR livery. Manual in ADOBE PDF format. Bjorn Harlin - SAAB340 Flight Captain. 2.46MB

Panel for Boeing 737-800 (FS2000 only) The panel is made by Philip Nordlander and the bitmap is made by Paul Lemaire. Uses FS2000gauges. 129K