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Generic Panel turbo prop 1st officer For FS2000 Pro Aircraft: Saab 340 B First Officer, or Similar Aircraft Designed: Marcelo Cánovas Original Bitmap: SF340B First Officer Panel by Eric Ernst. 190K
Co-pilot B737- 200/300 analog panel - Using the forward visor of the 737 bmp of Vanessa Lightower's recent 737, this panel is built around it with bmps of upper window and upper panel with gauges from Abacus and flight sim 2000. res. 800X600 - 08/2000 - Charles Wilcox. 3.9MB
FS2000 Panel - V-22 Osprey Panel Version 3 by David Giles. Updated V-22 panel for use with MV-22 and CV-22 Osprey aircraft by Shlomo Hakim. Now optimized for FS2000 with all previous fixes included and some instrument re-arrangement. Includes stock FS2000 GPS integrated with the panel. 353K
Basic panel for DC-7 or other four engined prop airliner. 640x480 resolution Flight Simulator 2000 only. By P Mccarty. 526K

FS2000 generic 4 engine jet or turboprop panel. Modified By Igal Kaplan. 670K

FS2000 Piper PA28 Arrow panel. Includes a complete panel that uses almost only default gauges. By Tommy Soderqvist, Michael Verlin, Jim Turner, Ray Pennington and Andre' Mostert. 246K
Airbus A320-panel for FS2000. Used stock FS gauges. By M. Weinrich. 132K

Pilatus Pc-12 panel for FS 2000. Made with standard gauges. By Pmccarty. This panel is not photorealistic, but does have the gauges located where they should be for a Pc-12. I had to enlarge them and squeeze them together a little to get them to fit in the proper manner. The gauges I chose may not be totally realistic for this aircraft, but they are close enough to be useful. 183K

FS2000 Generic 3-engine Jet Panel. Can be used also with turboprops. It's fully night lit and includes some custom gauges. By Chuck Dome. 542K

FS98(& FS2000) Panel for the Bombadier Dash8-Q400, Version 1, by Scott Thomas and David Ramsey. The Q-400 is the latest in the Dash8 regional turboprop lineage. It departs from the other Dash8's in that, among other things, the panel uses CRT's instead of analog gauges and has a cruise speed of 350 kts! This panel was designed from photos of a real Q-400 panel, with a lighter face than most. This file contains two versions, one with "Real Crt" from Tony D'Ambrosio, and one with all freeware gauges. Recommended for 1028x760 resolution. 2.8MB