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Panels Page 21
FS2000 DC 10 Panel A rework of Paul Golding's DC 10 panel for FS2000 only. Includes subpanels for the FS2K GPS and the FPDA pushback gauge. By Paul Golding with modifications by Michael Verlin. 1.2MB
Pilatus PC-12 wideviewpanel. The main panel has excellent outside and periphral views that make landings easy. I also included a Pilot and Copilot only version for those with smaller monitors. This panel includes selectable GPS, Throttle Quadrant, Overhead and Center pillars and other goodies. By Mike Kelley. 1.8MB
McDonnell Douglas Dc-8 Series Panel v2.0 for FS2000 By Olav M. Roenningen Modified for FS2000 by Michael Verlin 1.5MB

FS2000 Fairchild C-119 Panel Designed to give somewhat of a realistic pilot view to the "Flying Boxcar" aircraft. Panel is based on the lines of the aircraft cockpit, using default FS2K gauges. Use this panel with rcafc119.zip, usafc119.zip, or for any heavy twin engine prop aircraft. Designed by Dean Reimer. (ideal aircraft here)465K
FS2000 panel - Boeing F/A-18E Hornet Fighter. An FS2000 panel for the Boeing F/A-18E Hornet fighter. Designed for 1024x768 resolution. Includes a 24 bit bitmap, working MFDs with 6 different displays, night lit analog instruments, red and green HUD displays. Uses the FS2000 GPS as well as standard radios and throttles. By Paul Schwerdtfeger. 1MB
FS2000 Airzilla XX panel that uses only default standard gauges. Suitable for any Airzilla.By: Cecil Mancusso. 152K

FS2000 CF-188 Hornet Panel. Panel for CF-188 Hornet, uses default fs2k gauges including gps and an added navigation panel. Uses high resolution textures. Designed by Dean Reimer.

FS2000 Boeing 747-400 panel. By Peter Richards. 2.6MB

FS2000 PANEL- DreamFleet 2000 Cessna 172P With little doubt this is the most realistic Cessna 172P instrument panel and aircraft interior ever created, and perhaps the most realistic instrument panel of any kind yet seen! Produced from high resolution digital photos, the panel features full IFR instrumentation, including FS2000 GPS. There is a complete lower pedestal panel, and improved "large view" virtual panel, with aircraft cowling visible. Accurate night lighting is provided, with red flood light, and white post lights. All aircraft interior views are also included, and these views feature opening and closing left and right doors with sound. New sounds include gyro spin up / down sounds, and sounds for the parking brake and fuel selector. All the quality and realism you have come to expect from DreamFleet 2000 is here for you to enjoy. This panel is intended for use with the FSD Cessna 172P aircraft, which is available separately. Panel by DreamFleet 2000. 10.3MB

This panel is included in the 172 Package in Props page 69. No need to download if you have this.

FS2000 panel--Boeing 737 series 300/400/500 with analog engine gauges. A photoreal cockpit with with night lighting, GPWS, auto-spoilers, simulated entry doors, ADI with radio altimeter, EHSI with wind readout and more. By Richard Probst. 4.3MB