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Panels Page 49
FS2000 Fairchild A-10 thunderbolt II / warthog panel based on janes usaf panel with full gauges by dan cytermann. 884K
Fokker EP 70/100 V1.1 (fs200x standard/PRO) Here you can see my first EASY PANEL v1.1 (last update, 15 May)! This means FRAME RATE friendly! This panel is designed for FS2000 and FS2002, and is also compatible with: VCP2000, GPWS, Airbus Warning sounds, and the Airport 2000 series. This panel has also cabin signs, and the usual things! I have also included my first version of my INFO CENTER (designed in Visual Basic). This is a stand alone program. There is also 1 winampskin included! This panel has also an easy installation! By Frank Elfert. 2.7MB
Emb120 panel. Configured by Bill Grabowski. 288K
FS2000 / FS98 CT133 T-bird panel Ron Hill. (Canadian Lockheed T33A Aircraft) This panel and custom gauges were created using photographs of the Avionic upgrade CT133 Aircraft and Operating Instruction manuals. The panel was tested in FS2000 using an airfile by Bruce Thorson and in FS98 using an airfile by Tom Goodrick. The gauges accomodate realistic IFR flying. 927K
FS2000 Boeing 707-320 Panel. Includes captain, first officer and flight engineer panels, plus overhead and INS. By George Carty. 5.5MB
CFS2/FS2000 Panel & Gauges for Grumman OV-1C Mohawk US Army Variant. This is a CFS2/FS2000 panel for the OV-1C by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson. 2.2MB
FS2000 T38N Talon Instrument Panel. A Photo-Realistic Instrument Panel of the Northrop Grumman T38N as used by NASA in it's Astronaut Training Program around the year 2000. Includes panel and gauges. By Rob Opray. 2.5MB
FS2000 Generic 747 panel. Adapted from the FS2002 default Boeing 737 Panel. Santiago Olivera. 3.2MB