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FS2000 DeHavilland CC-138 Twin Otter Canadian Forces No:138801 440 Sqn. CFB Yellowknife, NWT, Canada All new & updated Rev 3.2 aircraft. Full moving parts. Repaint: Dan Port Original Design & Flight Dynamics: Barry Blaisdell / Jens Borgstroem Premier Aircraft Design. 1.8MB

FS2000 Piper PA-22/20 Pacer. Four seat light aircraft. Has full moving parts, transparent windows, pilot figure and landing lights. By Brian Gladden. 511K

FS2000 Piper PA-22 Tripacer. Four seat light aircraft. Has full moving parts, transparent windows, pilot figure and landing lights. By Brian Gladden. 378K

FS2000 Valmet L-70 Vinka: Finnish three place basic training plane. It has 200 hp. Lycoming engine which gives the plane a 200 km/h travelling speed and 3000 m max, altitude. Prototype, Leko-70, first flew in 1975 and first serial built Vinka flew in December 29, 1979. Finnish Air Force has used the plane since 1980 in basic training before the pilots get their hands on the stick of BAe Hawk Mk 51 jet trainer. Vinka is also use as liaison aircraft. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit, transparent canopy with glass reflections and an instrument panel. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. 478K

Repaint of the default fs2000pro King air 350.Just unzip it into the fs2000/aircraft directory.And it is ready to fly...And if you have the default fs2000pro king air 350 you will have this one as a aircraft option to fly in the select aircraft menu.Along with the default King Air 350. Repaint by Dan McMahan. 486K

FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-3 Raptor -The ARX-3 is a fictional two-place recreational push-prop concept plane that incorporates a glass cockpit, delta planform, twin inward-angled all-moving rudder, virtual cockpit, and an all-moving elevator (stabilator) and cruises around 300kts. Uses GPS feature of FS2000. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. 260K

FS2000 STD/PRO Dassault Atlantique 2 Aèronautique Navale. French naval aviation. Visual model version 2.0 This is an improvement of the older Atlantic 1 , an aircraft for a long-range maritime reconnaissance This new versione is operated only in France by flotilles 23F, 24F and 21F.This FSDS design features full moving parts, night landing lights and an instrument panel.New version of mdl file reflect the differences of this new versione of the plane. Model , textures and panel by Massimo Taccoli Air file by Bruce Thorson. 1MB

FS2000 Cirrus SR20 (v1.1) A high tech four seater manufactured by Cirrus Design of Duluth Minnesota. Made of light weight composites, it cruises at 160 knots. The model features full moving parts, including accurate flaps and steerable nose wheel. It also sports a detailed cockpit with pilot figure. This version fixes cockpit view problems. By Mike Stone. 304K

FS2000 Western Canada Express WesEx Dash 8-102 C-FADK Fin#812 "Nanaimo" Delaware Airlines Connection for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Standard and Professional Editions. Includes high detail textures and night lighting effects. Original by Chris Bawden and Gerrit Kranenbarg. Repainted by Mike Kelly. 2.1MB

FS2000 Rust's Flying Service DHC2 Floatplane Rust's Flying Service operates many type of aircraft out of Anchorage, Alaska, and do many types of charter operations from flight seeing, to fly-in fishing trips and hunting trips. This is a repaint of Fred Banting and Yannick Lavigne's FS2000 Beaver, with a modified panel bitmap and configuration for IFR flight. All files are included for the floatplane, including splash sounds. By Fred Choate. 6.9MB