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FS2000 MAXVIEW Cessna 310R. The aircraft contains all of the expected moving parts. Nose gear, rudder, flaps, gear and props. A few added extras are the wheel blocks, tie downs and piton cover. They will disappear when Engine 1 (One) is fired up. The ladder will retract as well. The Panel As the aircraft is loaded the Main forward panel view will load. This panel will have the engine start gauges, radios, throttle and Autopilot. After starting you can either slide it down, or press Shift-2 to remove it. I personally leave it where it is and just press Shift-2. After doing this, the Taxi-Cruise panel will be visible. The Engine gauges are to the right so you have to look to your 2 o'clock position to see them. All of the other "Out the Window" views are there as well. Please don't comment on the curtains, I didn't pick them out. The Sound The sound is a combination of Default Mooney and Default Cessna combination. The Mooney is a near exact copy of the Cessna 310. At idle the engines can't be heard, just the biting of the props. If you don't want to use these sounds, feel free to use any other great sound packages available on the Internet. The Sound.cfg file has been modified to include two engines. Cas Stephens. 10MB

Morane Rallye Club MS880B version 1.0 Author: Van Deuren Herman for FS2000 freeware contents: A full moving parts trainer with specific panel. 2.2MB

FS2000 RV-4 kitplane from Van's Aircraft. The RV-4 is a very popular, all-aluminum kit plane produced by Van's Aircraft, Inc. It features 2-place tandem seating arrangement, giving somewhat of a jet fighter feel. It is a rather high- performance aircraftCreated by: Clint K. Campbell. 324K

DASH8-Q400 Solaris Airlines for FS2K PRO Original Design! This fs2k dash8-Q400 is based on the TurboProp air-file BeechKingAir350. This package includes a panel. The aircraft includes nightlightning, movingparts such as rudder,elevator, ailerons, flaps, speedbrakes, props and steering wheel. The cockpit is transparent. The plane is build with FS DesignStudio pro and AircraftAnimator. Author: Christian Schweikl. 1.6MB

FS2000 FAP Beechcraft D-18 The Beechcraft D-18S was used by the Portuguese Air Force since 1947 to 1977. The FAP, received 4 diferent versions of the Model 18: AT-11 Kansan, 7 units, C-45H 7 units and 6 Expeditor Mk.IIIN Includes Landing lights and transparent props. By: Michael Tscherdantzew Jr, Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim, David Sakrison (C). Repainted by: Joăo Corredeira. 807K

DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter Macair Airlines Reg# VH-UQR For FS98/2000 with FULL Moving Parts NEW VER 3.2 Airfile for FS98/FS2000 Authors: Barry Blaisdell / Jens Borgstroem / Nick G AF99 Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell Repaint By: Nick G. 191K

FS2000 Saab 340B in Northwest Airlink colors. Full moving parts, including accurate flap deployment. Transparent cockpit windows, with pilots. Configured to use standard Beech King Air sound and panel. This version improves flight handling. Designed using AD2000. By Mike Stone. 240K

FS2000 de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter 3-pack. Like the earlier Beaver, the Otter is a STOL utility transport but has accomodations for the pilot and up to ten passengers. All passenger seats are quickly removable for freight carrying . This is a complete aircraft package that includes Land/Ski and Float plane versions as well as a panel and sound files. Panel by Fred Choate / Aircraft by Steven Grant. 5MB

FS2000 PZL 101A Gawron (1968-) The aircraft designed with FSDS. Flight controls, props and gear are animated with AA. The file model is an improvement of my former pzl101a.exe for FS2000. Flight characteristics: Tibor Kókai Designed and painted : Tibor Kókai. 1.2MB