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FS2000 STOL CH 701 (v1.0) A small, lightweight kit plane made by Zenith Air in Mexico, Missouri. A high lift wing with slats and underwing flaperons give this plane extraordinary STOL performance and superb handling. Modeled with full moving parts and cockpit with pilot. Designed using AD2000. By Mike Stone. 233K

Updated -FS2000 Sukhoi Su-26 "Buell Tiger" Tom Klassens Buell Tiger is a +12 and 10 G man-eater. This awesome aircraft has a nine cylinder, 360+ horsepower M-14P radial engine that allows Klassen to fly stright up for over 3,500 feet or fly straight and level at over 280 mph. The wing and fuselage of the Buell Tiger are made from carbon fiber, which is stronger and lighter than the conventional aircraft materials. This plane is a combination of light weight, high strength, and maximum horsepower results in awesome performance and allows Tom Klassen to pull high Gs, rocket through the sky, and roll the aircraft at over 400 degrees a second! Includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit and a panel. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Panel By Jason L. Terry. 420K

FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-3R Raptor II The ARX-3R is a 1-place, high performance, racing version of the original ARX-3 Raptor recreational sportplane. Changes for the Raptor II include the removal of aft seat & panel and the addition of a nitrous oxide system, as well as spoilers and a few new digital avionics. Uses GPS feature of FS2000. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. 249K

FS2000/PRO Piaggio P180 Avanti The Piaggio P180 Avanti is so far the only modern transport turboprop driven aircraft designed, developed and certified with the unique three lifting surface configuration. The first prototype flight occurred on August 20, 1986. The Piaggio P180 is the fastest FAR 23 certified turboprop aircraft now in production. This aircraft is capable of a max cruising speed of 400 Kts at 27,000 ft. The visual model has been designed with Abacus FSDS Pro. It has full moving parts,including control surfaces, gear and steering nose wheel. It has also trasparent windows and pilots. Visual model and textures by Massimo Taccoli Panel by Marco Spada FS2000/Pro Flight dynamics by Cpt. Steve alias Stefano Caputo. 2.4MB

FS2000 Cessna C-177 Cardinal Originally designated the 172J, the 177 has an unbraced catilever monoplane wing that makes it easy to identify from it's 172/182 siblings. It's sleek airframe and 180hp Lycoming engine makes it fairly fast and it is perfect plane for cross country flying. Also a retractable gear version has been made and it is designated 177 RG. Cardinals were made until 1978. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit, transparent canopy with glass reflections and an instrument panel with 360 degree cockpit bitmaps. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. 3.2MB

Cessna 152 CC-KAA FS2000 Only Version 1.0 Aircraft: Cessna 152 CC-KAA Include : Full Movings Parts 3D ( Flap , Aleron , Rudder ,etc ),Transparent Windows with reflections ,Real Prop Type F2000 , pilot 3D, 3D Blade , Full Checklist , separate switch Land Nav , strobe , Custom Panel and Full View.Model and Gauges Designed by: Ruts Ewalt FDE: Raul Acevedo. Painted: Ruts Ewalt Bitmap View Aircraft : Painted Ruts Ewalt Original Photo View : Jean-Pierre Langer and Paul Beardsley. 3.6MB

FS2000 Cessna 185 Skywagon (R2.4), Mt Cook Airlines Improved version of a great tail-dragger, based on user feedback. New internal and external night effects, minor fixes to day textures, incorporates Steve Small's excellent enhanced flight dynamics. Model now configured for easy repainting. Model and original textures by John Cantwell. This Aircraft is still widely used by Mount Cook Airlines of New Zealand for touristic sightseeing tours around the beautiful Southern Alps of the South Island. Updated Release to ease repainting and repaint by Peter Lohr,'arnz'. 934K

DHC-2 Mk lll Turbo Beaver 3 pack for FS2000. Includes Float, Wheel, and Wheel-Ski models. By Fred Banting with interior and panel graphics by Yannick Lavigne. . In June 1965, following the success of the popular DHC-2 Mk l Beaver, de Havilland Canada began production of the Turbo Beaver Mk lll. Equipped with a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-6 turbine of 550 hp, with later models using the improved PT6A-20, this represented two aviation milestones. The Turbo Beaver became the first single-engined utility aircraft to be turbine powered, and the PT6A-6 was the first version of what was to become the world's most popular small gas turbine engine. 6.6MB

FS2000 Dehavilland DASH8-311 Rev4 Leeward Islands Air Transport LIAT Reg #V2-LES With Maximum Moving Parts Revised FD for FS2000 Flight Performance Aircraft Design & Artwork by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem Premier Aircraft Design. 120K

FS2000 Dehavilland DHC-8-202 ver 5 The Australian Customs Service has a small fleet of these aircraft fitted with surveillance radar, TV Pod with a FLIR and a transparent emergency hatch for observation and photography. They are used for coastal patrols to combat smuggling and illegal immigration. Design by Barry Blaisdell, Paint by Bob May, FD by Jens Borgstroem. Premier Aircraft Design. 154K FS98 version here 76K