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FS2000 US Airways Dash 8 100 Dash 8 100 in the 1990s colors of US Airways. Freeware. Visual model by C. Bawden. Original textures by G. Kranenbarg. US Airways repaint by Nick Botamer. 1.1MB

FAB Super Tucano A-29 and ALX (FS2000/FS2002). Prototype of the Super Toucan (ALX) and Super Toucan A-29. Airplane of light attack, light interception and advanced training, with cockpit of 4th generation. With mission of defense of Amaz˘nia, interception and to abate the small airplanes invaders (drug trafficker's airplane). Upgrade of the original model done by Denis da Silva (" / " spoiler opens the canopy). Model, texture and panel: Daniel da Silva. 2.5MB
Extra 300 'E.C Corps Barnstormer'. The Extra 300 is one of the highest performance, two seat, production, aerobatic aircraft in existence today. Plane Created by: Mikko Maliniemi. Repaint by E.Snoad. 264K
FS2000 Antonov An-2 Colt Package These are two An-2's, Registration: D-FAIR and D-FOKY. This was actual a package for FS2002 by Klaus-Peter Trogisch, but I modified the aircraft.cfg. This Package includes aircraft, panel and gauges. Orginal model by Paul Clawson, Panel by Matthias Lieberecht, repainted by Klaus-Peter Trogisch, modified aircraft.cfg for FS2000 by Sascha Wuestemann. 3.4MB
EMB-S312 Tucano-RAF Basic Trainer 'ZF-417' Flown by the RAF College, Cranwell for navigator training. Based on real 'ZF-417' Also used for innitial training for the pilot programme. British Shorts built under licence as type: S312 for the RAF. Used as basic trainer for the pilot programme. The First Shorts Built Tucanos were delivered on 1 Sept 1988 - The first Shorts Tucano was handed over to the Central Flying School at RAF Scampton. 130 of the type were ordered for the RAF. Model: Daniel da Silva. Texture: E.Snoad. 958K
CFS2/FS2000 DeHavilland DHC4 Caribou Civilian. This is a CFS2/FS2000 aircraft by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson: May 2003 This is a repaint of my DHC4 in Union Flight colors (At the request of James Craig). This version has landing lights and nav lights for FS2000 users. 2.8MB
FS2000/CFS2 Hummelbird Ultralight V.2 FSDS model featuring all moving parts, 4 liveries, photo-real panel, and accurate FDE's, 20 sided fuselage, new set of textures, bubble canopy, panel height corrected...version 2 of previously released Hummelbird, made totaly from scratch. Panel uses default gauges. Model, Panel & Textures: Felipe Belalcazar Flight Dynamics: Fern Marques. 4.2MB
Fs2000 Extra in fictional representation of the Blue Angels. Has 3 different kinds of smoke systems: red, white, and blue. Repainted by Dustin Johnson. 288K

FS2000 STD/PRO Bombardier Canadair CL215 North Carolina Division of Forest Resources. This is the virtual model for Fs2000 of the famous canadian built fire fighting amphibious planes. The model presented here depicts an aircraft that is currently used by the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources as a forest fire fighting air tanker. The plane operates from Hickory Municipal Airport in the western part of the state. The model made with FSDS from ABACUS features full moving parts with a realistic rendered motion of the main gear, a nose wheel steering, rolling wheels and pilots in a virtual cockpit. Model,panel and original textures by Massimo Taccoli, air file by Andrea Cini. Repainted by Bruce Long with permission from Mr. Taccoli. 2MB

Fix: This will prevent the non-existant "float" CL-215 from showing up in your aircraft menu. 2K