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FS2000 Repaint of the standard Cessna 182S to an older RED/Black used in the 1980's By Monica Duerr. 241K

FS2000 Cessna 182 - replacement textures for the default C182 & includes repainted interior views to reflect the new colors. By Prasong. 946K

Fs2000 Dornier 328 with moving parts. Aircraft By "Is4g Workshop" Texture repaint in "Alitalia Express" Livery by Marco Spada. 170K


FS2000 Air files for the KING AIR, MOONEY & CESSNA default aircraft by Steve Small. Contains revised versions in an attempt to improve flight handling characteristics by Steve who has respect throughout the flight sim world for his revised 'air' files. To install - back up the original air files & simple copy these into the approriate Aircraft folder in FS2K. (Mooney into the MOONEY folder , etc...). If you don't like 'em - just put back the originals. 18K.

FS98/FS2000 Cessna Caravan Seaplane - "Coronet Norway" Cessna C208 turbo Caravan Seaplane of "Coronet Norway" (LN-SEA) based on photo by Erland Hvitsand. Taken at Oslo seaplane port vs. old Fornebu Airport in August 1998. Original aircraft designed by Donn E. Bohde. Repaint by Frank Safranek. 232K

FS2000 Rogue Air SAAB 340B FS2000 Rogue Air SAAB 340B twin turboprop regional transport. AF99 circles, moving parts, night lighting and landing lights. Based on original design by Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton repaint in Rogue Air livery by Jim Youngken. 79K

FS2000 C-150 aerobat with panel. Owned by Flight Time flight school, based at the Don Torcuato airport in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. Original Chris Lampard. Flight dynamics Greg Rottinger. Panel by Lee Hall . Repainted & packaged by FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ. 1MB

FS2000 LANCAIR 320 WITH PANEL by Jean-Louis Coumont. 1.9MB
FS2000 Caesar-Air CSE VA Dornier 328-120 This is a rework of Hans-Guenther Schnell and Ulrich Effertz's original AFX file optimized for FS2000. New twelve sided fuselage, new wing, elevators and rudder has been added. Original by Alessandro Casadio for iS4g Workshop. Comes in two version paint: True 16 bit, extreme high detail upto 512x512 partials, 3.1 MB crispy bitmaps and: a lowres 1 MB version. Painted for Caesar-Air VA. New era paint by Gerrit Kranenbarg. 1MB

Cessna 172 for FS2000. It is based on a Chris Lampart model that I converted for use with FS2000 textures. The panel is a very realistic 172 panel based on a R. Hampton bitmap that was redrawn by Roger Long and Fred Choate. It uses mostly default gauges, and the FS2000 GPS is accessible through the Avionics Master on the panel. The plane is N75726 based out of Glacier Park International (FCA) in Kalispell, MT. 1MB

Embraer 120 Brasilia for FS98 & FS2000 - Panel & 2 aircraft. Completely new panel art and gauges. Night lighting switch, moving yoke/pedals, select- able VORs for HSI.Includes version 2 of Embraer EMB-120 in United Express colors. Includes sounds, GPWS, full moving parts & transparent front windows. Aircraft by Rafael Hidd, Felipe Taveira and Bob Klemm. By Bill Grabowski. 2.8MB