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North Cascades V1.0 High-Density Mountain Scenery for FS2000 by Richard Goldstein. After spending several weeks in Washington last Spring I decided it might be a good place to create some high density mountain scenery. Here it is. A quiet fishing and thinking area (with a convenient dirt strip) in the North Cascade mountains in WA. The priority is trees, trees, trees and an attempt at natural beauty. This scenery works best with Eddie Denney's Washington State mesh elevation scenery which is available from Avsim, Simviation etc. It works without it, but it ain't the same. Be warned that the scenery is very dense, and there are NO scenery complexity settings, so it's full-out or nothing. On a 650Mhz with 192 meg memory I get framerates in the mid-teens. 316K
Moosehead Lake, Alaska! Moosehead lies about 130 miles from Valdez and contains both land and seaplane runways. It's a tight little scenery for both landings and departures and gives you a feel of really being out in the "sticks". Critters are roaming around again, so be careful!!! This scenery is especially colorful in the fall. Drop in soon, we're waiting for you! Scenery by Don Moser/ Alaska By Don. 343K
"GRIZZLY LAKES" upgrade to FS2000 FIVE Bush Pilot FS98 scenery areas upgraded to FS2000 format with the use of the Flatten Switch command. Enjoy more trees, wildlife, and larger scenery areas with challengeing approaches. All files needed are encluded along with special installation instructions. BY: Ken Nelson. 906K
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA TERRAIN MESH This FS2000 terrain mesh, at 30 meters horizontal resolution, is centered near Riverside, California, USA. Major portions of Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties are included in this elevated scenery. Fertile river valleys, low deserts, mountains, foothills, rolling plains, and lakes are all here. By Orlando Sotomayor. 5.7MB

Davis Oregon Scenery for FS2000 by Richard Goldstein. Davis is a small airstrip 1 Km south of Gates, Oregon. I chose the area because it had an interesting mix of natural features. In order to appreciate this scenery at its best, you will need to download and install Lennart Arvidsson's superb 'Replacement textures for FS 2000'.(here) Without these files the airport texture will not match as well as intended. This scenery also works best with Eddie Denney's 'Oregon' mesh elevation scenery. Although the Davis scenery works without it, the added relief of Eddie's mesh serves as a platform for the tree formations. 273K

FS2000 Edinburgh International Airport Version2 Scenery for Edinburgh International Airport, UK, includes corrected ILS & hills.More static aircraft and trucks. Night lighting and illumination of buildings,aprons,car parks and all statics.Improved taxiway lighting and realigned main runway. 1.5MB
Lake Timberwolf. Lake Timberwolf lies about 125 miles N.E. of Valdez, Alaska. It's a very woodsy place, providing excellent views of some very beautiful mountains. The scenery provides for both land and water starts, and has abundant wildlife. Fly on out and see us! Scenery by Don Moser/ Alaska By Don. 396K

Birmingham Airport UK for FS2000 (Updated). This is version 2 of the scenery for Birmingham. The previous scenery had problems with the ILS on landing. In this version I have recreated the complete scenery leaving the original ILS of Fs98. This should cure the problem. If you get any other problem please contact me at the above address. Also in this version are more accurate taxi lines and taxi ways. The NEC is still visible at dense settings.. By John Walker. 1.5MB

FS2000 French Alps altiports scenery by Bernard Martin. Due to the inclined runways and detailed scenery which had to be put in the default FS2000 scenery, Bernard has made his scenery split up to separate files with a complicated manual installation of 17 diferent sceneries. This package offers all of them ready to be copied inside tour scenery with a ready configuration file. Courchevel, Megeve, Meribel, Mont Dauphin, Gap Tallard, Sallanches, La Rosiere and many other stunning mountain airfields. Color VFR area chart also included. Packaged by Kyprianos Biris. 11.8MB
COLORADO SPRINGS TERRAIN MESH This FS2000 terrain mesh, at 30 meters horizontal resolution, covers an area including Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and extends west to include Pikes Peak and mountains nearby, part of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Pikes Peak, at 14110 ft. (4301 meters), is noted for a commanding view. By Orlando Sotomayor. 3.6MB
FS2000 Canary Islands Terrain Mesh Scenery. Version 1.0 The Canary Islands are a part of Spain located near to the coast of Morocco. By Ricard Alvarez. 227K
Healy River Alaska, a paved 3000 ft airstrip near Mt. McKinley National Park, serves small to medium sized aircraft. For local bush pilots, this download includes seven other nearby destinations with primitive facilities. Fairbanks is 62 miles to the north, but Healy River serves as a good hub where bush passengers can catch the twin engine commuter on its flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks. by Dave Erickson. For FS2000. Size 1.8MB