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Zveroboj Secret Base v1.2 UPDATED Fictive Scenery for FS2000 By Gabriel Dostert 1/ Description : Zveroboj is a small island lost somewhere near the Siberian coast... This island contains a secret military base, with a helipad to land... Far from everything, it is almost impossible to get there with a simple helicopter... This scenery is fully fictionnal and completely Unusefull... But it's funny... This updated version has more buildings, trees, and a road.I could not put in the military trucks because of a scasm problem. 369K
Scenery of the City of Santiago, Chile. And Replacement of FS2000-bmp Texures. for MS FlightSimulator 2000 only !!! This is a very detailed recreation of the city of Santiago, Chile. The capital city includes missing hills, mayor historical landmarks, modern buildings, parks, and other objects.by Cesar Carrasco. 1.4MB


Finland Cabins: This is the first part of a collection of fictive cabins in Finland. This contains high detailed scenery and no level complexity can be choosen, so you can only view all the details, it has been tested on a P3 500Mhz 128Megs of RAM, and there were no framerate problems. By Gabriel Dostert. 140K

Part 2: This is #2 part of the cabins for Finland. It contains a cabin, and the forest surrounding... By Gabriel Dostert. 103K

Part 3 : Part 3 of the Cabins of Finland collection. It covers a linear zone of nearly 13nm long with blocks of forest (to save the good framerates) and adds an other cabin. For good computers, the entire forest section will be included in part 4, wich will be optional. By Gabriel Dostert. 216K

Smallwoods Retreat! Smallwoods is located 158 miles Southwest of Valdez, Alaska on a heading of 233 degrees. This is a very restful place to fly to and is not too far from some bigger towns. It features both land and water starts. The dirt runway is approximatly 1700 feet long and is cleared pretty well for approaches and departures. There are 3 cabins located there, one being owned by Jerry Smallwood, owner of the retreat. He and his wife Tina will make you comfortable during your stay there. Stop by and see them! If you see a yellow Beaver, they're home! Watch out for the animals again and have a great time relaxing and taking in what nature has given us. Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 649K
FS2000 Scenery- Alicante's Airport "El Altet" version 2 Scenery of the Airport of Alicante (Spain) called "El Altet" with night ilumination and static aircraft. This version improves a lot the previous version. By Miguel A. Pérez. 1.5MB

Darrington, Washington Scenery for FS2000. Surrounded by mountains and wooded valleys, Darrington is a great jumping off point for a tour of the North Cascades National Park. This scenery contains a photorealistic airfield with nearly 7000 trees in the immediate vicinity of the airport, and density setting to make the scenery more accessible. The airfield will blend in with all current texture sets and all seasons, but I recommend the use of the 'Classic America VFR' textures by Bill Lyons, and/or the replacement textures for FS200 by Lennart Arvidsson. The scenery works best with Eddie Denney's 'Washington' mesh elevation scenery, although it works without it. By Richard Goldstein. 234K

THE ALASKAN COMMUTER NO.1 THE MCKINLEY RUN: Fly from Anchorage to Fairbanks in four 70 mile hops, stopping at Talkeetna, Summit, and Nenana. Each airport has at least 3000 ft. of runway and easily handles twin engine props. Airports also have facilities for fairly large float planes. There are also two other smaller airports in this download: Talkeetna Village Strip and nearby Montana Creek. Includes static as well as dynamic aircraft. For FS2000. By Dave Erickson Size 1.3MB

FS2000 Scenery - Bowerman Field Bowerman is located just west of Hoquim, Washington. The runway is 5000' long, making this the only airport on the Washington coast where jets can land. All structures on the airport are photorealistic, pictures taken by David Smith. The ground surface is created from the USGS doqq. By Bob Bernstein. 1.8MB
SAN DIEGO COUNTY TERRAIN MESH This FS2000 terrain mesh, at 30 meters horizontal resolution, covers most of San Diego County, California, USA. Reputed for having mild weather year round, San Diego County's terrain is varied. High and low valleys, deserts and green mountains and 70 miles of beaches make this area a very popular destination in Southern California. By Orlando Sotomayor. 4.6MB
Saarbrucken Airport (Germany) - ICAO identification EDDR - is an airport located near at the France-Germany border with a commercial traffic prevalently domestic. It get a sufficient structure and services to sustain a medium traffic volume. Gen. Marcello LUGARI. 580K
FS2000 Carpiv.2.0 This scenery includes the city of Carpi (MO) Italy and the airport of Carpi -Budrione (ICAO: LIDU), and it is very close to the reality. Student pilots can use it to improve their skills, because any object here is as like in reality. Improved version, totally new! by Pinotti Federico tested by D'incerti Francesco. 1.2MB