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FS2000 - France and Corsica - Terrain Mesh Scenery by Raimondo Taburet This Terrain Mesh scenery cover - the whole of France and Corsica. Is designed with Microsoft SDK and FS Terrain with a resolution of 3 Arc/Sec. It offers stunning wiews - and lots of sightseeing. This package consists of 6 big zip files - fra_1.zip (8.1MB)- fra_2.zip(7.7MB) - fra_3.zip(4.8MB) - fra_4.zip(6.2MB) - fra_5.zip(4.6MB) - fra_6.zip(5.6MB)
Kodiak Island, Alaska! There are 7 sceneries in this package. Most are for both wheeled and float equipt aircraft, but some are not and 1 is designed just for the Pilatus Porter. Please read the enclosed airfield list for information about each strip. The sceneries are layed out basically to give you a grand tour of the Island. Fly into Kodiak and begin the adventure!! Scenery By Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 1.6MB
FS2000 Canary Islands Scenery now with Night-Light-Effects - GCCC TMA -.With night ilumination to the plataforms and taxiways, with statics and dynamics aircrafts, vessels, helicopters, ships, carrier and battle group. By Alfonso Bello. 4.4MB
FS2000 -- Costa Rica - Version 3.0. Includes San Jose and other main airports in Costa Rica (Central America). By Yas Tanaka. 3.3MB
FS2000 Scenery - Nowata Oklahoma. Located approximately 60 miles North of Tulsa. Nowata Municipal Airport features 1 asphalt and 1 turf runway and is lighted for night operations. Freeware by Dale Baker. 574K

FS2000 Machrihanish Airfield,Scotland,UK Version 2 Scenery for Machrihanish Airfield situated on the Mull of Kintyre near Campbeltown. Former NATO base with small commercial terminal. Includes night lighting,optional static aircraft and local scenery around airfield. Compatible with Elevated Mesh Terrain add-on scenery. By Iain Gallacher. 759K

FS2000 Machrihanish Airfield,Scotland,UK Patch for Version 2 Scenery for Machrihanish Airfield situated on the Mull of Kintyre near Campbeltown. Two missing textures around the airfield. Must have Machapt2.zip 79K

Toulouse-Lasbordes Airport (LFCL) For Flight Simulator 2000. Toulouse-Lasbordes Airport is a litle non commercial airport located within the South-East boundary of Toulouse South-West of France. This new version include night illumination, seasonal changes, new signs which has been recently set up on the airport, some improvement with taxilines wich doesn't apear at night in Version1.0, and others details i prefer to let you to discover. By Patrick Castay. 1.7MB

Pavlofs Pass. Pavlofs Pass is located 49 miles out on a 60 degree heading from Cold Bay. The airport sits down between two ridges, which makes for a fun approach and departure experience. The runway is a 2100 foot gravel runway, so it can be used all year long. Pavlofs is a great bush stop-off on your way down the Aleutian Islands. We'll be waiting for you!! Scenery By Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 592K

FS2000 Scenery File: PH_3DWORLD_00 No more unreal surrounding areas of the European cities and airfields. -FRESH START FOR NEW USERS. -PATCH FOR ph_wld*.* USERS (a must) Latest, even more '3D-look' scenery files. Beautiful basic scenery files for Northern-Europe: Villages, Counties, farms and rel. night lights. Summer and Winter. Cities and other seasons to come. NO NEED to download former PH_*.* scenery files! Settings: instructive picture included. by Ruud Faber. 2.4MB
Stranded cruise liner in need of Coast Guard assistance Located off of the U.S. East Coast near Kennedy Apt./ New York. Must have U.S.Coast Guard Scenery cst_grds.zip by Shehryar Ansari (Excellent scenery by the way!) for total emersion but may be used alone, Author: Tom Hutson. 321K
"HAWK CREEK" For FS2000, this fictional Bush Pilot scenery area includes hand painted ground textures for seasonal effects along with added transparency to help blend it into the default terrain. Installation includes NOT having to enter the FS2000 Scenery Library or having to edit the FS2K Scenery.cfg file and ALL files for a full install are included as well. By: Ken Nelson with big THANKS to Bob Bernstein. 867K
Cape Tagliak! Cape Tagliak is located 100 miles from Ikutat Inlet on a heading of 247 degrees or 200 miles from Cold Bay on a heading of 61 degrees. The airport has 3 landing areas. The first being a 2100 foot gravel runway, a 575 foot gravel runway for the Porter and a lake for the floatplane lovers. The critters are out again, so be careful! There are 2 cabins on the lake. If you see the Beaver at the dock, stop on by! Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 628K