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Scenery Page 26
Royal Air Force Leuchars Scenery for FS 2000 This file replaces the default Leuchars AB in FS2000. RAF Leuchars is the most Northern fighter base in the UK, and one of the busiest aswell. On any given day you can be sure to see activity of one form or another. The Station is a 24 hour emergency diversion airbase so in effect it never closes. Based at RAF Leuchars are No. 43 Squadron `The Fighting Cocks` and 111 (Trebleone) Squadron both of which are equipped with the Tornado F3. 294K
Scenery Update for Kodiak Island Alaska airport PADQ. This scenery was created with ASD2.1 and requires asd textures By Dennis Waggoner. 498K
FS2000 Kapiti Aerodrome New Zealand Scenery See Associated Aviation, The Kapiti Aero Club and More and the gliding club too. The Aerodrome has been around since 1962 and is where I fly. Created by Simon Davenport. 43K
Lake Horton, Alaska. Lake Horton is located 95 miles from Galena on a 123 degree heading, almost halfway between Fairbanks and Nome. There is a 2100 foot runway here and a sizable lake for floatplane activity. During the winter, the lake will freeze over and the runway will be snow covered, so dust off those skis, you're going to need them! Stop on by and see the folks that run the little hanger there and watch out for the critters! Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 1.3MB

North View, Alaska. North View is located 75 miles from Fairbanks on a 226 degree heading. It has a 2400 foot gravel runway and is open all year long. This location is for wheeled planes only, there is no lake. There will be a floatplane scenery not too far from here soon. There are two cabins there for your useage and the wildlife is in abundance. Have fun and enjoy the scenery!! Scenery By Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 581K

EU_WORLD FS2000 Basic Scenery Files for many European countries. The sequel to PH_WORLD. No more "typical USA" surrounding areas of the European cities and airports. A complete new set of 150 repainted BMP files. Replacement of the original FS2000 basic bitmaps. Beautiful "3D look". The use does not interfere with add-on's or frame rate. Featuring Cities, Villages, Counties, farms and rel. night lights. Summer and Winter. NO NEED to download former PH_*.* scenery files! by Ruud Faber. 5.4MB



Russian Airport Surgut (USRR) for MSFS2000 & MSFS'98: Base scenery by Igor Shukin, design by Stolpyansky Victor. Global Base Scenery 2 (GBS2) compatible Requires Airport 2.xx textures. 1MB

Scenery revision 3 for Kodiak Island Alaska airport ADQ. Many visual enhancement have been added to this version. This scenery was created with ASD2.1 and requires asd textures By Dennis Waggoner. 1.3MB
Joiner Lake, Alaska. Joiner Lake is about 5 miles from North View on a 230 degree heading. Being North View had no facilities to handle floatplanes, Joiner Lake is an alternative stop nearby. There are two cabins located there for your stay at the lake, while hunting, fishing or just relaxing. Joiner Lake is a fairly good size lake, so most any civil type floatplane will be able to slip in and out pretty easily. This is an easy to install, four seasons scenery. Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don. 1.2MB
FS2k Scenery/ Earls Colne (UK) EGSR, Created with Airport v2 60, author Paul Roberts. In co-operation with Mike Vernon. 385K
FS2k Scenery for VFR flyers/ Dunkeswell EGTU, Devon UK, Created with Airport v2 60, author Paul Roberts. In co-operation with Mike Vernon. 389K
The Alaskan Commuter No.3 The Inside Passage: Short hops from Wrangle to Hoonah in Southeast Alaska. Includes scenery additions at Wrangle, Petersburg, Kake, Hoonah, and three Coast Guard lighthouses with facilities to accommodate float planes and medium sized aircraft. Bush pilots will find 3 more primitive destinations within 20 miles of Wrangle. Also included are cruise ships, tankers, and container ships on Southeast Alaska's wilderness waterways. For FS2000. By Dave Erickson. Size 2.22MB