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SOUTH AFRICA 2000 LITE (For use in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000) The one and only South Africa Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Nico Visagie. This scenery features 540 plus airports to fly to and includes the mountian kingdom of Lesotho and Swaziland. 3MB
FS2000 Scenery Beluga Lake Floatplane Base Beluga Lake is the floatplane lake in Homer, Alaska. It is located just to the NW of the Homer airport (PAHO). It's a large lake capable of accomadating any amphibious aircraft. This lake is not entirely flat, there is a noticable hump in the middle of it. Microsoft made it that way and because of it's proximity to the airport a flatten switch won't work. It doesn't seem to affect take-offs or landings, however if you can't live with it, you won't want to use this scenery. By Tom Fica. 1.7MB
FS2000 only - Terrain Mesh for Eastern Switzerland by Raimondo Taburet This Terrain Mesh scenery cover the area of N46 E7 to N47 E8 of Switzerland. Designed with a new technique able to produce 30 m (1arc/sec) resolution Mesh to any Country of the world . This new technique can also produce Mesh of even lower resolution - if required. 2MB
FS2000 Scenery -- Malibu, California This scenery includes a 4000ft. runway and helipad with surrounding hangars and facilities on top of a 1400ft. hill right by the coast of California near the city of Malibu. Includes navigational aids and works in conjunction with FS2000's AFD and shows up on FS2000 GPS. Requires Airport 2.10 and VOD 3.0 textures. Scenery and static aircraft by Jason L. Terry. 381K
Sofia Airport (LBSF) + Common Bulgarian VOR/DME and NDP stations FOR MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 98. Author Ilia Maximov. 116K
Niederstetten Army Bae, Germany (ETHN) for FS2000 by Edgar Stahl.1.5MB
FS2000/CFS2 Scenery - ID4 City Destroyer You could have seen this extra-terrestrial ship in the sci-fi movie "Independence day". Its diameter is impressive 16 miles ( 25km ). Destroyers in this scenery are above 4 areas: New York, London, Prague and Midway. Special features: there are two airports on each ship. You can perform take-off or landing on Destroyer's tower roof or in its "beehive" By Milan Lisner and Vlada Stoje (CVA Design). 940K

FS 2000 Mountain Scenery "Hill Top" Thank you for downloading my first scenery creation. If you like a challenging mountain flight, you have aquired the correct scenery. This is a fictional airstrip located at N48 8.61' W120 38.17' at approximately 5800 feet msl. This puts you in the middle of the North Cascade Mountains of Central Washington State. Infact this scenery works in conjunction with Richard Goldstein's North Cascades v1.0 scenery also available from Simviation. If you have both of these you will be able to fly back and forth from the two airports in a helichopter, wheel, or float plane. by R.Benjamin Bailey. 104K

Heli port for FS2000 only (Oil Rig with helipads) . It is near EGQK (Kinloss AB, UK). To get to it take off from EGQK and go to a heading of about 356. It is about 2.5 nautical miles away from shore. I made it for SQN42. They use it for the boats that we drive. Have fun! by Bryant W. Swanstrom. 207K
Alaskan Commuter no.4 The Panhandle Bush and Western BC: Explore remote seaside destinations of SE Alaska and the rugged glaciated valleys of nearby Western British Columbia. Download contains 10 destinations suited for a variety of aircraft. Lakes located farther inland freeze in the winter. Simple installation with FS default scenery. Also works with Eddie Denny's Terrain Mesh for Alaska. Includes sets of Flatten switches making previous SE Alaskan Commuter series compatible with Terrain Mesh. For FS2000. By Dave Erickson. Size 3.3MB