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OR05-Flying M Ranch, Oregon Scenery for FS2000 Flying M Ranch is a challenging airstrip set in a valley just SW of Portland, Oregon. There is a single 2135' turf/gravel runway, which is blocked at the western end by trees and a fence. The 070/250 runway has a one-way pattern which forces all take-offs to the east, and landings to the west. Buildings, fences, trees and power cables close to the runway add to the challenge. The combination of terrain SDK, Photo-textured Terrabuilder Pro elevated mesh, and detailed object macros breathe life into this small but charming airstrip. By Richard Goldstein. 3.4MB
Rock Lake, home of Rock Lake Charters. Rock Lake is located 50 miles from May Creek on a 58 degree heading or 108 mile from Yakataga on an 18 degree heading. Rock Lake invites you to fish, hunt, relax, whatever! There is a nice lodge there, some minor maintainence facilities and Rock Lake Charters. Rock Lake Charters operates 2 Beavers and 1 Beech 18. All three are included with this scenery and come with panels, sounds and adjusted airfiles for top performance. This is a unique scenery offering much to the user. This scenery is easy load, easy install, 4 season and supports AFD. (map/gps) There are 5 starting points for every use. Stop on by and see us! Scenery by Don Moser / Alaska By Don // Aircraft repainted and reworked by Fred Choate. 13MB
FS2000 Scenery - Iditarod, Alaska For a brief peroid, in 1910, Iditarod was the largest city in Alaska with a population over 10,000 people. Now it's a ghost town with only a few buildings remaining. It's also the halfway point of the "Iditarod Sleddog Trail Race". Other than it's location, this scenery is totally fictional. By Tom Fica. 2MB

Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport Scenery for FS2000. An accurate depiction of Cincinnati airport, a fast growing mid-western airport and hub of two major airlines. The airport is repeatedly rated as on of the best airports in North America. By Christopher Gilbert. 3.8MB

Fix - repairs missing tree textures. 11K

"Tundra" FS2K addon scenery designed by Paul Harmon 4/01 171nm north of Stornoway, Scotland. Please try a low ceiling ILS approach for a thrill! 2.8MB
Sapin,Alaska FS2000 Sapin is a 3100 ft gravel strip. This is a nice little getaway spot that you can pretty much only get into with a plane or Helicopter(Helipad is on the field). Good runway lighting along with runway signs for your convenience. This litlle port is equipped with an NDB for navigation. Look for the nose down plane in the vicinity. altitude is 4673ft. Oh and the lodge is available for parties. By Frank Betts. 2.2MB
Khe Sanh Airbase. Vietnam, Asia. Khe Sanh Airbase is situated in mid-central Vietnam close to the DMZ. It served as a final outpost for the U.S. Army who defended it against all odds. Dynamic scenry includes A-4's, F-4's, "Hueys", Sea Kings, and KC10 Tankers. The roads there will take you in to small villages but just watch for the Hueys dropping in! If your on a Sortie watch for KC10's re-fueling fighters along your way to Danang. BY: Owain Robinson. 1MB

The Alaskan Commuter AFD: FS2000 GPS Enhacement: By installing this download as you would any scenery, all bush destinations in "The Alaskan Commuter" series as well as my Healy River scenery will become part of the FS2000 Airport Facility Directory database. This means that: 1)Destinations will be both visible and functional on the FS2000 GPS Screen, 2)Destinations and airport information will show up on the FS2000 map, 3)Destinations will be accessible through the /FS2000/World/Go to Airport/ search, and 4)If you use FSNavigator, the locations can be installed there as well. 224 KB. By Dave Erickson. 211K



FS2000 Danang Int'l Airport. Vietnam, Asia. V2 BY: Owain Robinson. Airport is situated in central Vietnam. It served as a jumping off point for fighters, tankers, and cargo planes. Dynamic scenery includes A-4's, A-6's, F-4's, "Huey's", Sea Kings, Hawkeye's and KC10 Tankers. The roads there will take you in to town and you can usually catch a cab at the gates or gasbar. There's a beach at the far end of the runway to watch takeoff's. This version completes VFR scenery surrounding the airport area with tree's, roads, ground vehicles, fuel farm, ships, and telephone poles. 1.8MB

F2000 Scenery ---- london City LCY 2001 Demo Version Scenery for the amazing airport in the heart of the London Docklands. Featuring satellite images (which cover the whole of London), static aircraft, static airport vehicles, textured apron with hand-drawn taxiways, realisitc night textures and casted shadows. Enhancements made to the Millenium Dome, featuring night lighting and Canary Wharf development including photo-realistic 1 Canada Square. Also requires full installation of the Europe NW scenery entry of Flight Simulator 2000. The demo features everything but has a large box around the airport and writing on the satellite textures. By Oliver Minchin. 4.5MB