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FS2000 only High Resolution Terrain Mesh Goa (India) Lite Version By Raimondo Taburet This Terrain Mesh is designed with a resolution of 1 arc/sec (30 m) The scenery cover the whole of the the state of Goa in India. This is the Lite version with extra levels of Details. 2.6MB
FS2000 only High Resolution Terrain Mesh Goa (India) Full Version By Raimondo Taburet This Terrain Mesh is designed with a resolution of 1 arc/sec (30 m) The scenery cover the whole of the the state of Goa in India. This is the Full version with extra levels of Details. 7.8MB
FS2000 Pleiku Airbase. Vietnam, Asia. V2 Pleiku Airbase is situated in central Vietnam. At one point between Camp Holloway and Pleiku itself this area was the busiest airfield in the world. This version Fixes Helicopter taking off in wrong direction and texture matches. Pleiku was the first airbase to be hit by enemy forces which consisted of mortar and rocket attacks. This was the staging area for many offensive attacks on targets in the north. Aircraft consisted of fighters, tankers, and cargo planes. Dynamic scenery includes C-130's, A-4's, A-6's, "Huey's", Sea Kings, and KC135 Tankers. VFR scenery with photo realistic textures surrounds the airfeild for 32 square miles with tree's, roads, ground vehicles, and telephone poles. If you have Khe Sanh and Danang you now have 3 bases to choose from. This scenery requires VOD textures, ASD textures and APT2.02 textures BY: Owain Robinson. 2.2MB
Yankee Station. South China Sea, Asia. Yankee Station consisting of 3 aircraft carriers and escorts situated in the South China Sea. Dynamic scenery includes A-6s, A-7s, Hawkeyes, F-4s and Sea Kings. This version will fix aircraft texture problems caused to Da Nang, Khe Sanh and Pleiku when adding this scenery on top of those. Yankee Station requires the other textures even though certain aircraft are not involved with this particular scenery. Yankee Station launched thousands of sorties against targets in North Vietnam and in support of troops at Khe Sanh and the surrounding hills. BY: Owain Robinson. 2MB
Moose Park FS2000 scenery -- Moose Park. Conveniently located at Chicago's O'Hare itnl Airport (KORD), Moose Park is the ideal Pilot's lounge. You will find cabins for resting, barns, wildlife, static vehicles, and a McDonald's restaurant. The park is accessible only by Helicopter. Even with over 220 trees, Moose Park has a minimal affect on frame rates. Airport and VOD3.0 textures required. By JD Kubu. 811K
RAF SCAMPTON - V FORCE VERSION by John Young An alternative version of RAF Scampton (requires EGXP_R1.ZIP)that revitalises the old Vulcan Operations complex and the weapons store. Populates the dispersals Quick reaction Alert pans with Vulcan bombers(FS Traffic not required for the static exibits but a track is included for a Vulcan taxi and take-off). 395K
RAF SCAMPTON - RED ARROWS VERSION by John Young Highly detailed and accurate scenery for this Lincolnshire airfield, again the home of The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - The Red Arrows (requires FS Traffic to display the flightline). Component files are easily identified so that less important objects can be ommitted to trade frame rates if required. Thanks to The Red Arrows for their support. 2.1MB
Camp Holloway. South Central Vietnam, Asia. Camp Holloway was a U.S. army aviation base situated south of Pleiku AB. Helicopter transports, gunships, and small craft flew from Holloway. Dynamic scenery starts with several helo's taking off all at once toward a nearby hill. These include CH-34s, CH-46s, Cobra Gunships, and Hueys. As well you may see 2 A-7s supporting the troops in this "hot zone". Pleiku's dynamic scenery is directly north. This one is for those with choppers on the mind. BY: Owain Robinson. 2.2MB
FS2000 Woodlake. Description: There is one helipad, 4 hangers, a dock, a lake for float planes, a grass runway, cabins, and many boats. To get to the airport take off from Indian Mountain LRRS(Airport ID: PUTO). Then turn to a heading of 155 degress for about 25 nautical miles. You should then see it. Designed by Bryant Swanstrom. 182K

Texas scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 featuring 82 highly-detailed airports. This scenery features moving dynamics, some terminals and buildings with transparent windows and airports with PCL lighting. The scenery was designed using Jeppesen Airport Diagrams, Aerial photographs and many other sources to lengthy to mention. You must download TexasText to use with TexasScenery. Tom Jones. 2 part download

Part 1 Scenery 7.7MB

Part 2 Textures 3.9MB

Update: 4K