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Scenery Page 36
FS2000 only High Resolution Terrain Mesh for Mauritius and Reunion Islands By Raimondo Taburet This Terrain Mesh is designed with a resolution of 1 arc/sec (30 m) The scenery cover the whole of the Reunion and Mauritius. 1.7MB
Piarco International 2001 Trinidad and Tobago. Port of Spain. An all new look for this International airport. Custom dynamic scenery includes Air Canada and KLM 747s, Surinam Airways DC-8s and 737s and BWIA 737s. This is the home of BWIA. There are extended jetways for 777s, 747s, 767s, 737s and smaller turbo prop aircraft. The unused 747 gate has a docking system. Included is a wallpaper of an AC747 boarding passengers and a video of dropping off a passenger at the terminal. BY: Owain Robinson. 2.9MB
Cairns International Airport, Australia for Fs2000. Includes night lighting and static aircraft. Created from actual photographs. by John Walker. 2.8MB
FS 2000 replacement clouds v3.0 altitude pack 5, include only, few, scattered, broken and overcast clouds formation (cirrus, cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus) + Jet Trails , also, 16bit and 8bit clouds set available in this pack. By Chris. 1.7MB
FS2000 Swiss Airports Set. The file contains six little airports of West Switzerland. It includes Ecuvillens (LSGE), Sion (LSGS), Yverdon (LSGY), Les Eplatures (LSGC), Lausanne (LSGL) and Epagny (LSGT). All airports are very accurate, with night texture where night landing is possible. It replaces the first version suisse.zip wich had more than 1200 downloads. By Daniel Gauthier. 4MB
FS2000 Sabiha Gokcen International Airport-LTFJ (Turkey) This scenery adds Istanbul's second international airport over the default scenery.Includes realistic buildings, all taxisigns, taxilines, precise apron markings, docking systems, and much more.Scenery files are clearly identified for vehicles and static aircraft which can be omitted to trade frame rates if required.New navigational aids including the new DME at BKZ VOR are also added.AFD files are included so that the airport will be visible both on the GPS and on the map view.Charts (landing,SID,taxi,parking) are included as well. By Baris Unal. 2.5MB
FS2000 Scenery - Summit Lake Floatplane Base is located in Alaska, about half-way between Anchorage and Seward. This is no. 3 of the Alaska Floatplane Base series. Some license has been taken with this scenery but for the most part it is an accurate representation of this float-base and the surrounding area. By Tom Fica. 2MB
FS2000 Selcuk-Efes Aerodrome LTFB (Turkey) Highly detailed and accurate scenery of the aerodrome based on real charts and my own experiences.The aerodrome has a 1740m concrete runway which is lighted for night operations.Includes custom textures and 3D objects as well as some static aircraft and the VFR landmarks.Exclude switch is created as a scenery file so you don't have to make any changes in your own scenery.cfg file.Aerodrome charts are also included in this package. By Baris Unal. 1.1MB

Vancouver International Airport version 1 for FS2000 This scenery is a series of add-ons to Microsoft's default Vancouver International Airport,including several new features and more detail, including most of the gates, the new and old control towers, a new extension at the north east corner of the international terminal, a radar dome, the Fairmont Hotel (in this version it is a Marriot), a parkade, and freighters in English Bay. Custom FSTraffic tracks are also available in a separate file (cyvrfst.zip). Scenery by P Nigel Gran. 189K

FSTraffic tracks and Aircraft for Vancouver International Airport. These are FSTraffic (version 2) tracks for runways 8L, 8R, 26L, 26R, 120 and 300, and 14 statics, at Vancouver International Airport, developed for my scenery cyvrv1.zip. They should also work with the Microsoft default scenery of Vancouver. I have included 8 Canadian aircraft, which can be converted within FSTraffic. There should be lots of activity around the gates and airport, including flights along the North Shore mountains, and some statics. Developed by P Nigel Grant. 1.2MB

FS2000 Scenery for Innsbruck (LOWI) Version 1.0 Includes:Static Aircaft, Textured Apron, Nightlight effects, Detailed photorealistic Buildings made by the authors.I'm sure you'll like the new Taxiway Lines,...etc. By Ricky Blanco and Neus. 2MB