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Scenery Page 45

MESH5 Afghanistan - Terrain Mesh 3,75 arc/sec. This is the fifth SUB b of five files. The level of detail (LOD) is 9 with a resolution of 76 meters. A LOD 8 is 153 meters. The installation is very simple. (see example below). C:\..\FS2000\ADDON\MESH\AFGHANISTAN\Scenery Then add from scenery library. Giovanni Bavarello.

Mesh 5_b 6.9MB

Mesh 5_c 8.7MB

Mesh 5_d 4.3MB

FS-2000 Philadelphia Intl upgrade - This file will add runways 08 and 26 as well as the new buildings and apron to Philadelphia Intl default scenery. (KPHL) - Dan Hart. 245K
Las Americas Intl. Patch Finally! the textures are here...... deposit them in the textures folfer of FS2000 (when you installed my scenery if you saw an elevation problem, just activate the scenery and restart fs 2000.) Ricardo G. Morillo. 684K
FS2000 Bush scenery - Big Oak Ranch - Big Oak Ranch is a small bush scenery located in southwestern Alaska. It features lots of trees and a lake, as well as a cabin, a hangar and a barn. Don't miss this great senery!!! Designed by Tiago Zambon de Moraes. 863 KB
FS2000 Scenery - Bethel, Alaska (PABE) with two floatplane bases. Bethel Floatplane Base (Z59) and Hangar Lake (Z58). Loacted 400 air miles West of Anchorage and aprox. 70 miles from the Bering sea. This is the Tundra. Uses photoreal seasonal and night lighting textures with custom macros. This is No. 8 in the "Alaska Floatplane Bases" series. By Tom Fica. 4MB
FS2000 'The Channel Railbridge' (Fictitious) Forget the chunnel. Never again in the dark. Never again billions of tons of water above you. The channel bridge opened today. Regular traffic with TGV and HST trains between Calais(France) and Dover (England). Commuter connection to Calais airport. The best: Unlimited free travels for any user of FS2000. 347K
FS2000 Quito, Ecuador - Full Version !! This is the full version of Quito - Ecuador Scenery for FS2000 See features in SEQU2KUP.ZIP See also SEQUFS2K.ZIP and SEQU2KUP.ZIP By Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. 4.8MB
FS2000 Mariscal Sucre Int'l Update !! In this update, scenery quality has been notably improvement with identical airport buildings and hangars replics own macros (night illumination). Adding the most detailed dynamic scenery programation (take off, landing, taxi, service, city traffic) of national and international airlines too. The City improvement is much better than any old version of Quito, the most photorealistic own macros never made of Plaza de Toros Quito, Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa, Coliseo Rumiñahui now released. Also including a lot of other city tourist places that makes Quito a beautifull city. By Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. 4MB
FS2000 Scenery Paris-Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2F An update for Airport 2000 Vol.1 CDG airport. This freeware add the missing terminal 2F to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. It include night lightning,static aircraft and other ground object. By Yannick Mille. 642K
FS98/FS2000 Portugal Dynamic Scenery Extra Addon PORDYN16 By Ultraohm FREEWARE Pack use as you wish. Portugal Dynamic Extra Addon Scenery FOR USE WITH FS98 OR FS2000 and Portug98.zip Scenery 16 Portuguese dynamic Aircraft used. This is Version 16 (11/08/2001) of Portugal Dynamics Scenery and Im Sure that you will enjoy, so you dont fly anymore alone when you reach Portugal. 1.1MB