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Scenery Page 46
FS2000 Scenery Reims-Champagne Military Airbase (LFSR) Reims-Champagne AB is a french military airbase located about 6 miles from Reims north and Home of the EC 1/33, 2/33 and 3/33 flying on Dassault Mirage F1. Detailled scenery with buildings, hangars, HAS, statics vehicles, statics Mirage F1 and other objects. Airport textures required. by Fabien PREVOST. 942K
FS2000 Fortaleza, Brazil, Pinto Martins International Airport. A fictional airport added on to the default FS scenery at this location. Scenery adds a large International Terminal, several hangar areas, a parking structure, and lot, a lake with a luxury resort complex on it, large buildings at the city center, and turns the FS default airport into a smaller comuter airport with the terminal matching the same architecture as that of the main airport, to tie the two together. The default FS lake has also been enhanced with an office building, hills, and lots of palm trees. Scenery developed for FS2000, and has not been tested in FS98, or FS2002, but should be harmless. By Bill Melichar. 985K
FS2000 Columbia Metropolitan Airport, SC, KCAE, USA. With special attention to the UPS cargo operations.This scenery is designed to enhance the flight for UPSVAC members, and as such, neglects the other airlines that also serive columbia. I have included the .apt file for anyone who might like to change that, or for anyone who would like to change anything about it for that matter. Let me say that this is a complete stab in the dark in respect to the real Columbia--I have neither seen it in real life or in pictures. A photorealistic representation is not the aim of this particular scenery. I hope this is a decent add on to enhance flying for UPSVACs. by R. Marshall Brandt. 1.5MB
FS2000 Alaska Bush scenery - Big Oak Ranch - Big Oak Ranch is a small bush scenery located in southwestern Alaska. It features lots of trees and a lake, as well as a cabin, a hangar and a barn. Don't miss this great senery!!! Designed by Tiago Zambon de Moraes. 641 KB
FS2000 scenery - Sukhothai, Thailand Sukhothai is a small airport in Northern Thailand. It is owned and operated by Bangkok Airways. Although small, it is well designed, and has one awards for its architecture. By Martin Strong. 2.4MB
FS2000 scenery - Bangkok buildings adds buildings to default Bangkok scenery. It does not replace the replace the airport. Many BKK landmarks are included. By Martin Strong. 2.2MB
FS2000 Dublin Airport Static Aircraft. Adds static aircraft to Terry Gaff's Dublin Airport (Dublin2k V3.0). By Daniel Chircop. 855K
FS2000 KOAK Oakland International, CA UPS610. What's been added? I have made several simple yet effective additions to the default scenery. I added gates to the passenger terminal, as well as appropriate static aircraft. I left out detailed scenery in the passenger terminal area because my goal was to enhance the cargo aspect of KOAK for UPSVAC pilots. By Stephen Nicholson. 1.9MB
FS2000 Scenery Ontario Int'l Airport (KONT), California (CA). A signifigant enhancement to the default scenery including static aircraft, terminal gates, ground vehicles, and much more. Requires NOVA Scenery Library and Textures, and APT 2.XX Textures. By Stephen Nicholson. 2.9MB


FS2000 Gillot - St Denis de la Réunion Island aiport scenery - Indian Ocean for FS2000(c) La Réunion island is a french overseas departement in Indian Ocean, 600 km East of Madagascar island and 200 km south west of Mauricius island around S22' and E55'. - By DAVID PAGNIER. 776K