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FS2000 Scenery Memphis 1975 This is an update of Rob Diebolds' original scenery of Memphis International Airport (KMEM). Features include improved jetways, buildings and textures with static aircraft for this era. This is very dense scenery that requires Airport 2x, VOD and NOVA Gold textures (not included). Update by Gary D.Jones. 6.2MB
FS2000 Scenery Atlanta Jetways These files put modified gates and 74 jetways at the default Atlanta Hartsfield airport (KATL). Also added is a parking lot next to the main terminal. By Gary D.Jones. 149K
FS 2000 Scenery. Scenery includes 12 airports in Madagascar (Africa), with original buildings,trees. Build with program Airport v2.60 . By Tsilavo Ramisarijaona. 313K
FS 2000 Scenery. . 16 airports in Madagascar (Africa), with original buildings,trees. Built with Airport v2.60 . By Tsilavo Ramisarijaona. 395K
WTC Site Version 1.1 for FS2000 A little bit improved of my previous released. Attached with better screenshots. To install: Simply put the "WTC Site" folder in any directory and setup at scenery library but remove the old one before you install this version, no flatten required. Remarks: It won't remove twin towers from the default scenery, you need to install the WTC patch from Microsoft first. Author: Elvis Ghaw Elvis Ghaw. 1.2MB
WTC Concept Building for FS2000. I hope you like this concept. Includes five towers and the original twin towers' footprints. To install: Place the folder "Concept WTC" in any directory and setup in scenery library. (Must remove the default twin towers with Microsoft's patch - here) By: Elvis Ghaw. 3.8MB
New WTC Twin Towers for FS2000 Reborn of WTC Twin Towers, should be better than before. Just place the folder 'WTC Towers' in any directory and setup in scenery library. Author: Elvis Ghaw. 243K
FS2000 Biarritz Static Scenery This is a very accurate and highly realistic scenery for Biarritz airport in southern France. It includes static aircafts, trucks, cars and a lot more. You'll need FS2000 and Renaud EMONT's excellent LFBZV10.zip scenery. By Cédric Justin. 523K
FS2000 New York City WTC Site. Replaces the former WTC with a more up to date site. Simply place the folder in any directory and setup. I've also included some screenshots. Made by: Elvis Ghaw. 749K
FS2000 New York World Trade Center. A rough work of one of the proposed NYC World Trade Center developments. Just a simple model but no texture since that's not existing at this moment. Designed by: Elvis Ghaw. 52K
FS2000 Babya International Airport scenery v 1.1-Babya International Airport is a basic airport scenery that is suitable for lower end machines, and is quick to load in Flight Simulator 2002.Created with Flight Simulator Scenery Creator. Now includes buildings,taxiways,a road and a second runway and also now FS2000 compatible. By Anthony Sullivan. 277K
FS2000 Haddington, Scotland. Haddington is located roughly 15 - 20 miles east of Edinburgh. This is merely a rough representation of the town and is by no means meant to be accurate. This scenery has only been tested in fs 2000, but will probably work in fs98. Mike Arnold. 677K
FS2000 San Fernando International, Buenos Aires. Adds Hangers & other features. 1.8MB