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U.S. Navy F6F-5 Hellcat for FS2000 ONLY! This is a revision of Chris Lampard's F6F-5 Hellcat for FS2000. The flight dynamics have been re-built from the ground up to give improved handling and realistic performance. Included is a photo-based panel.Steve Baugh. File size 210694

FS98/FS2000 USAF Air Rescue C-47. Very high quality by Flight Sim Developers. Requires panel. Full range of moving parts & documentation. File size 4MB. Suggested panel here


Douglas C-47 MATS These files are not patches but UPDATES to our C47FSD. The new AIR file includes unique Supercharger functions and for the first time gives you the oppertunity to control Prop RPM independent from throttle input allowing you to fly the aircraft as per flight manual. We have also been able to add more realistic start-up and shoot-down movements. Other fine tweaks have been added to fine tune flight panel instrument function and enhance and bring flight controls to what would be expected if flying the real thing. The two sound files have been remastered to uptimize the sound experience. By Jim Goldman, Steve Small, Larry Teele, Robert Kirkland, Gerry Schmidt, Mike Hambly and Reoland Ludoph FlightSim Developers (FSD). 220K

Douglas C-47 MATS TEXTURE upgrades. This C-47 package only includes TEXTURE upgrades to the original C-47 MATS. These new TEXTURES enhance and allow for much higher resolutions and detail. By Jim Goldman, Larry Teele, Robert Kirkland, Steve Small, Gerry Schmidt, Mike Hambly and Reoland Ludoph FlightSim Developers (FSD) Jan, 2000 . 2.2MB

FS 2000 Spitfire MK II Spitfire MK II aircraft with panel. The panel features Very readable old style instruments plus the default GPS.Offers an exellent view for VFR flights. Aircraft by Alain L'Homme. Panel by Jorgen Unschuld. File size 983859

FS2000 P51-R The very first P-51 to be released to the public for FS2000. This version (P-51R) Is a Rally plane. It have been given a 24cyl super turbochraged liquid cooled engine. Has an upgraded cockpit with digital tachometer and a new heading indicator. Also has Autopilot for cross-country flights re-modelled by Joe davitt. Re-painted by Joe Davitt 606K

FS98/FS2000/CFS Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a for Microsoft FlightSim 98 Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 by Bernd Drefahl Gauges by Stefan Geissler 1.4MB

FS 2000 Hawker Hurricane MkI, 85th Sqdn. The panel features old style instruments plus radio stack panel with autopilot and default GPS all toggable. FS2000 default gauges required. Aircraft by Patrick Didier, panel by Jorgen Unschuld. 525K

FS2000 Mustang P-51D "Petie 2nd" In the livery of Lt. Col. John C. Meyer, 487th Fighter Squadron "Lil' Bastards". Meyer was credited with 25 victories. Highly detailed photorealistic extended bitmap textures. Realistic model with moving gear, rotating wheels, transparent and moving canopy, fully detailed cockpit with pilot, moving ruder and flaps. Modified MDL file. Textures by Arnoud ten Haaft, model by Alain L'Homme. 355K

FS2000/CFS/FS98 Panel & Aircraft -- Martin B-26 Marauder. Upgraded files provide compatibility with FS2000, CFS and FS98. Includes new gauge and flight model files, as well as audio package in B26audio.zip. Authentically instrumented and highly detailed, this panel and plane are specially dedicated to the "Marauder Men" of WWII. By R.L. Clark (aircraft an adaptation of a Terry Hill original). 2.5MB



BOEING "SUPER" STEARMAN N8CL for FS98/ FS2000.The pilot figure is toggled with the spoiler key. Chris Lampard. 105K




CFS/FS2000 Aircraft and panel Messerschmitt Bf 109 V1 This is the very first plane of a lot of series and varients of the famous one o'nine. It was only tested in CFS, but should also fly in FS2000. A joint venture work of Carrado La Posta and Michael Vader on an original of Richard Osborne. 531K