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FS98/ FS2K Curtiss P-6E Hawk -civil version. The P-6E was the penultimate Hawk biplane, boasting a 3 bladed prop and turbocharged engine. monastery repainting, original by Wilbur. 97K

FS2000/ FS98/ CFS B-29 with panel, sounds. This aircraft has all moving parts. Not made with Animator........... Landing lites for FS98, only...... Improved panel for better vision. gauges are night lighted for FS2000.Twelve additional nosearts are included. by Oscar Everitt. 2.4MB

Download here

1927 Pitcairn Mailwing PA-5 Golden age of aviation U.S. Mail biplane. Includes full moving parts and original panel. by Tom Miller. 548K

FS2000 version

FS98/FS2000 Dewoitine D.33 "Trait d'Union". Nicknamed 'Trait d'Union', this plane has set nine world records (flight duration, distance, speed) in 1931. Two were built (D.33-01 and D.33-02); both crashed attempting non-stop Paris-Tokyo flights in 1931. This is the D.33-01. Fully compatible with FS98 and FS2000. See menu.htmll for complete HTML manual. By Christophe Arribat. 302K
Pan American World Airways B377 Boeing Stratocruiser for FS2000. 12 sided fuselage, moving parts. A joint effort by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina. 474K

FS98/FS2000 PBY-5a Catalina, Cathay Pacific, 1948 One of three Catalinas operated by Cathay, "Miss Macao" VR-HDT was to go down in history as the first aircraft to ever fall victim to an airline hijacking. Visual Model By Harry Follas, flight Dynamics by Brian Horsey . Full moving parts. 446K

FS98/FS2000 B-17F "Memphis Belle" One of the most famous aircraft to come out of WWII, the "Memphis Belle" and her crew had the distinction of being the first in the 8th Air Force to complete their 25 mission combat tour. This is a rework of John Coopers' original AFX updated with AF99. Features include animated props,landing gear and flaps. Also included is a set of custom sound files for the B-17 made by Mike Hambly. Repaint and mods by Gary D.Jones. 1.4MB

B-17F Memphis Belle Update These are replacement model files for the Memphis Belle. (B17fmb.zip)They add an animated bomb bay door to the model. By Gary D.Jones. 40K

Me262. Adolf Galland's JV44 262 with panel. For CFS, FS98 and FS2000 High quality. Full moving parts. Transp-canopy. DP file. Panel. 'REAL ADOLF GALLAND PILOT' Aircraft/panel by Bernd Defahl Gauges By Stefan Geissler Textures By Robert A Fett. 1.5MB
FS2000 Spitfire package containing:1) Spitfire MkI (registration QJ-J) in the livery of Wing Commander Robert Stanford-Tuck of 92 Squadron. 2) Spitfire MkIIA (registration D-B) in the livery of Wing Commander Douglas Bader in the Tangmere Wing. These two WWII fighter aircraft feature highly detailed photo realistic textures in authentic colours. Realistic model with moving gear, rotating wheels, transparent and moving canopy, fully detailed cockpit with pilot, textured propeller, moving ruder and flaps. Both aircraft are installed in one folder. Textures by Arnoud ten Haaft. Model file modified by Arnoud ten Haaft, copyright Alain L'Homme. 655K

FS2000. XP-38N: Lockheed P-38N Prototype. A fictitious variant of the famous P-38 Lightning. Version 2.0 updates the dynamics and visuals for FS2000 and includes several enhancements. Complete package, including moving parts, panel, sounds, etc. By David C. Copley. 2.8MB