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FS 2000 Pegasus Platinum Series Vickers Supermarine Spitfire IX with moving parts, panel & sound files. By PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN Design: Wilbur Panel: Dave Haskell Paint: Moriarty Flight Dynamics: Wells Sullivan Handling Notes and Checklist: Wells Sullivan. 4.2MB

FS 2000 JU-188 WWII Twin Engine Fighter aircraft and panel. The Panel bitmap is based on an original photograph taken by Christoph Vernaleken. The panel features very readable instruments an exellent pilots view, radar and default GPS and autopilot. Original aircraft by Chris Lampard, panel by Jorgen Unschuld. 505K

FS2000 Aircraft Mitsubishi Type ZERO Model 21 The Mitsubishi ZERO, a famous fighter of the Pacific WAR. This aircraft is for FS2000 professional edition ONLY. By S.Sekimori. 469K

FS2000 Boeing P26-A "Peashooter". The first all-metal monoplane fighter produced for the U.S. Army Air Corps. It was also the last Army Air Corps pursuit aircraft with an open cockpit, a fixed undercarriage, and an externally braced wing. Features all moving parts. By Tom Schaad. 629K

FS2000 Westland Lysander Mk III All original for FS2000. This is a great airplane with an incredible history. It can dive up to 300 mph and lands at about 60 - 70 mph and stalls below 50!! Aircraft, artwork, dynamics, etc., by Clay Wheeler. 399K

FS2000 Boeing P-12D pursuit plane. One of the most successful American fighters produced between WW I and WW II. Used by both the Army and Navy (as the F4B). It was Boeing's and the Army's last biplane and wooden-wing fighter design, produced in 6 versions. Features panel and all moving parts. By Tom Schaad. 874K

Avro Lancaster BIII. This aircraft is for FS98/FS2000. This was originaly a Lancaster GR3 made by Keith Clifford, and with his permission I have repainted it into a Lancaser B.III. By Paul Emsley. 114K

FS98/FS2000 Grumman F3F-2 This plane is modeled after the F3F-2 at the "Planes of Fame" museum at Chino Ca. airport. It features a transparent moving canopy, animated prop, control surfaces, landing gear, tail hook, and a "bare metal" finish on the fuselage. A panel made from an actual photo is included. By Paul Clawson. 246K

ANT-1 - single engined light sport aircraft. The first aircraft designed by A.N. Tupolev. For MSFS2000. Freeware. By Alexander Belov. 262K
C-202 Macchi "Folgore" for FS98, CFS and FS2000. Plane build with AD2000 . 3D model: Hervé Devred - Flight model: Alessandro Casadio Distribution: Michel Melchior. 238K