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FS2000/2002 EC135 ( Austrian rescue helicopter) This helicopter was designed with fsds for FS2000/2002 (will not work in fs98) It features animated rotor blades, transparent windows, moving pilot-head, night lightning (landing lights, strobe lights) and a realistic panel with different monitors (Shift+1...5) to adjust pilots view (Shift+Enter) Designer Heli and Panel: Wolfgang Kulhanek. 2.3MB
FS2000/2002 Boeing AH-64 Apache Model Designed by: Graham & Brendan Panel, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit and Sound System by:Manuel Gonzalez Hydraulic landing Gear by: Dwight“Blades” Booth. 7.6MB

FS2002 Repaint of the default Bell 206b (whole aircraft - will work in addition to the default - not replace it) )New livery for the default FS2002 Bell 206b. Fictional colors for the “Island Hoppers” tropical tour group. Perfect for zipping around the Bahamas or along the coast of Hawaii. I added a little color to the Bell helo to make it more suited for the beautiful tropical sceneries in FS2002. By Michael Carr. 2.3MB
Bell 206L For FS2002 With Panel & Sound System Helicopter Designed by: Ian Standfast Repaint by: Marcello Lugari for SKYBUS AIRWAY a vitual airline located at ROMA/Ciampino airport. Panel, Sound System and Edit for FS2002 by:Manuel Gonzalez. 4.4MB
FS2002: FOUR NEW TEXTURES FOR THE DEFAULT BELL 206B IN FS2002 By Michael Carr : Four new repaints in fictional schemes for the Bell 206B Helo Tropical Colors for the fictional “Island Hoppers” Tour group A Hard rock private version in blood red and gloss black “Black Widow” scheme. KNAC.COM Los Angeles traffic helo in metallic purple and gloss black, complete with KNAC.COM bumper sticker. U.S. Navy “Special Ops” Military chopper in olive green camo. 6.3MB
FS2000/2 Resized Bell 206 Panel. Hi copter fans! Don't ya HATE the way the default 206b panel fills up the screen? Well here's a fix. For 2K2..the easiest way to install is to DELETE yer panel folder and put this folder in it's place. Yer done, go fly!! For 2K take each item in the 2K folder and overwrite the corresponding item in yer panel folder. .Craig 'tailboom' Snyder. 290K


FS2002 Bell206B California Highway Patrol Helo (Textures only) By Michael Carr Repaint of the default Bell206B in FS2002 in a California Highway Patrol Livery. I had several requests (thanks Ray) for this, so here it is. The scheme is very close to an actual California County Sheriffs helicopter. New pilot textures also. 1.4MB

FS2000/FS2002 Alouette III Air-Glaciers - (Swiss rescue helicopter) Wolfgang Kulhanek 2001 Sound by Fabien Prevost realese for fs2002 by Gaëtan. 1.9MB

FS2002 Augusta 109E power demo" j don't know who he building this helicopter, but j adapt only it for FS2002. Gaetan. 964K

Updated: Bell H-13H M*A*S*H for FS2002 Designed by Monte L. Caudill Modify by Gaëtan for FS2002. 1.1MB
VIRTUAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD MH-68A Mako FS2000/FS2002. Designed by Navin Bopitiya Repainted By RAdm Carlos Lindarte. 3.4MB
Mil Mi-12 'Homer' For FS2002 This is An FS2002 only helicopter Built using FSDS and AA it contains panel and sound files The Mil Design beaureux produced the Mi-12 'Homer' as an answer to a capable heavy lift helicopter during trials it lifted 40 tonnes to an altitude of 7,500 ft it set and still holds many records to this day. This helicopter is in Aeroflot 'ish' Livery. By matthew Moxon. 523K