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Helicopters Page 2

FS2000/2 Westland Lynx. Luftwaffe. Emanuel Dietz. 4.3MB

Soundsystem is for the Westland Lynx ,designed by Emanuel Dietz. This Sound System !(Original for EC120)! is from Manuel Gonzalez - .Thank You ! The Exterior-and Interior Original Real LYNX-Sound is from MIKE ELLIS. I am only Modified and Mixed the Sound Replace the default Sound-file with this one ,thats it ! Have fun! Emanuel Dietz. 1.8MB

Modified Lynx airfile by Mike Ellis. 2K

MAUI NAVAL CRUISER HELIPADS Freeware scenery for making landable the four pads on the cruisers surrounding the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier default scenery near Maui, Hawaii. FS2000/FS2002. by Rich Hogen. 25K
FS2000/2002: First in a series of Helicopter landing area/mission rich sceneries near Pensacola, Florida by Charlie Young. This is the community of Beulah Florida, home to Beulah Fire and Rescue. The scenery includes the town, car fire, brush fire, a Pensacola hospital, grass strip airport, Big Dawg Helicopter Rescue base, helicopter training area, traffic accident, and medical scenes. There are over 15 marked landing areas. A mission file is included as well with a dozen missions. 1.3MB
FS2002 MD 520 Amphibious Helicopter. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts and a dynamic virtual cockpit. It is a true amphibian in FS02, allowing one to takeoff and land just about anywhere. By Chuck Dome. 296K



FS2002 OH-58C is a modified OH-58A(Jetranger),incorporating a more Powerful engine ,an uprated transmission and an antiglint flat glass canopy.These modifications enable the OH-58C to carry out its observation missions (Army)with improved survivability,and provide a significant increase in aircraft performance. Emanuel Dietz. 2.4MB

FS2002/2000 Westland Lynx HAS 8. This Lynx HAS 8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft No. 474 served with 815 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Richmond, Royal Navy, RNAS Yeovilton in 2000.Designed by Brian Whitelegg. Sounds by Mike Hambly. Panel by Tony Cooke. 2.1MB
FS2000/2002: Second in Charlie Young's Helicoper "Big Dawg" Fire Rescue series(need to load series in order). Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Pensacola makes emergency landing at small airport. Emergency vehicles and LZ. Hunt/Fish Camp on Perdido River with Pad. 417K
FS2002 A109 demo painting by Navin Bopitiya and this panel build by me. unzipped into a temp foler and you have it. some gauges are additing. unzipped into aircraft of fs2002. Nota for uplanding gear, downlanding gear you must be in pause mode. a little bug!. Good fly GaŽtan Defives. 3.7MB
FS2000/FS2002.SAN DIEGO NAVAL FRIGATE HELIPADS Freeware scenery for making landable the four pads on the frigates surrounding the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier dflt scenery near San Diego. by Rich Hogen. 25K

FS2000/2002 VIRTUAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD HH-65A Dolphin Designed by Ian Steadfast Side Door modification by RAdm Carlos Lindarte Original panel by Ian Steadfast (used with permission) Panel modification by RAdm Ray Brower & Capt Jordan Moore Note: To lower/raise landing gear in fs2k2, you must pause first then hit the "g" key. 3MB