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FS2002 Lama Air Glaciers Alouette. Designer Heli and Panel: Wolfgang Kulhanek 2002 Sound by Fabien Prevost. 2MB
FS2000/2002: Forest Fire: Third in series of Helicopter action files by Charlie Young(series builds on previous installments). Included in this installment is a large woods fire scene including animated fire, base camp, dozers, firetrucks, sleeping quarters, HQ trailer, AirOps trailer, plowed road to nearby airstrip, three LZs, static aircraft. 439K

FS2000/2002 "Jetranger" on floats: I am not the Great painter for Aircrafts i think you see this!:-((but its a Base for Repaint?;-))The Floats are not fixed for Water! (see fix below) I hope you Join thisone !The Original Airfile and Panel is from the Default Bell 206B Jetranger !! Greetings from Nürnberg/Germany Emanuel Dietz(manni). 2.5MB

Water float Fix: 5K

FS2002 CAP MD 520 Amphibious Helicopter. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts and a dynamic virtual cockpit. It is a true amphibian in FS02, allowing one to takeoff and land just about anywhere. By Chuck Dome. Public Domain. Repaint By Roger "Maddog" Gaylor. 350K
FS 2000/2002 Vintage Scenery Faircloth: : Fourth in Scenery Series by C.Young. Includes Faircloth Army Air Base with circa 1940-60 aircraft and Reserve MASH camp, Small Fort Pikins Heliport, offshore cruise ship fire, and Air Baloon crash at a private residence/farm. Uses some textures from previous files. 1.2MB

FS2002 B206 4 pack: This Is 4 repaints of the 2002 Bell 206b that operate in Papua New Guinea. The 4 extra helicopters are "Pacific Helicopters" "Hevi Lift" "Heli Bouganville" and "Island Helicpters" I have also added 2 strobe lights on the nav lights. you will find I have also encluded the OH-58C Jetranger with foats By Emanuel Diez! that can now land on water all in the one Bell 206b folder in FS2002 just diffrent variations. Hope you like it. Deane Robson. 1.6MB
MAUI NAVAL FRIGATE HELIPADS v2 Freeware scenery for making landable the four pads on the frigates surrounding the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier default scenery near Maui, Hawaii. FS2000/FS2002. Now with FS2002 "hardened" surfaces. by Rich Hogen. 25K
SAN DIEGO NAVAL FRIGATE HELIPADS Freeware scenery for making landable the four pads on the frigates surrounding the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier dflt scenery near San Diego. FS2000/FS2002. by Rich Hogen. 2K


FS2002 /fs2000 LAMA Air-Zermatt. It features animated rotor blades, transparent windows, moving pilot-head, night lightning (landing lights, strobe lights) and a realistic panel with different monitors (Shift+1...5), to adjust pilots view (Shift+Enter). Designer Heli and Panel: Wolfgang Kulhanek 2002 Sound by Fabien Prevost. 1.9MB
FS2000/2002: Fire/Rescue related Helicopter missions/scenery in Florida. This is a residential house fire on a small farm just south of Beulah. Includes fire equipment, animated fire and a helicopter LZ. If you have the Airport textures, this file is self sufficient. Fifth in series by Charlie Young . 280K
FS2002 Big Dawgs Bell 206 Jetranger. This Chopper is Fictional Paint and a Thanxgift to Charlie Young with his Goodlooking Pensacola-Scenerys and Adventures !The "BigDawgs"Logo is Copyright by Charlie Young ! Chopper Design and Paint by Emanuel Dietz. 2.4MB