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Helicopters Page 12
Gmax Airwolf for Fs2002 This is a brand new gmax model of Airwolf from the TV series. Features: Animated Pilots, Weapons, Visor, landing gear, Rotors and flares. Model, panel, sounds, textures by Alan Devins Some additional sounds thanks to Bas Wolswijk. 4.8MB
"Bell_205_SpoonFrog.zip" A version of BELL UH-1H Thanks to Jordan Moore for the excellent design work. Thanks to Dave Haskell for his remake (uh-1pnl2k2.zip) of Michael Vader's original FS2000 Huey Panel (f2kpu1dp.zip) which I have included in this helicopter. This version includes a private livery of my Dawn Air Helicopters. Lynn Rogers. 1.5MB
Updated Textures for Charlie Young's repaint of AS350 as Baptist Life Flight of Pensacola. Textures only. Required download of the full aircraft file with orighnal repaint. Contains more accurate markings. 165K (original file here)
FS2002 Hughes 500D ver1.1 Repaint for Guardia di Finanza Italian Air Corps by Roberto Piazza. FS2002 Hughes 500D One of the world's most popular light turbine helicopters. Features moving control surfaces, a reflect map, virtual cockpit. By Björn Büchner & Mikko Maliniemi. 1.2MB
FS2002 Bell 205-A-1 HELIFLYG Version of the UH-1H Huey Original Model by: Jordan Moore Repaint: Lynn Rogers This repaint is of the Bell 205-A-1 "Huey" based on the HELIFLYG Livery. 2MB
Eurocopter AS332L2 Super Cougar. Dawn Air Helicopters. A special thanks to the "Cougar Project Team" Bernd Reinsch and Dirk E. Fassbender for their Original "AS32REP". Repaint: Lynn Rogers. 3.4MB
FS2002 Swiss Agusta-Bell & Bell 206B Complete aircraft in 3 differents liverys. Real aircraft used in Switzerland. By Roberto Piazza.. 284K
FS2000/2 AS-322L2 Super Puma MAERSK Helicopters is based on the "AS32REP.zip" and is the original design of Dirk E. Fassbender and Bernd Reinsch. The file includes aircraft, panel and sounds with animated parts and virtual cockpit. Designed with FSDS for FS2000 also works in FS2002. Pause button must be pressed to retract and extend landing gear. Repaint by: Lynn Rogers. 3.3MB
FS2002/CFS2 Blake Media Sikorsky S-92. This repaint is of a Sikorsky S-92 that is shown in the new movie Mr.Deeds. With this repaint you now have a Blake Media logo(Fictional) in the front of the S-92, leather seats, and a new cockpit. Contains full helicopter, no need to download anything. 3D Model built with AD2000 by Herve Devred. Repaint By Michael Phillips. New Panel By Michael Phillips. 1.3MB

FS2002 Bell UH-1D German Army. German Army Bell UH-1D Helicopter. Homebase Niederstetten/Germany (ETHN). Including and Engine-Sound with Startup/Shutdown-Sound. It's a Stand-allone Version of the original Huey-Series by Jordan Moore and the SAR71 Repaint by Peter Salzgeber. 5.6MB

FS2002/ Agusta-Bell AB206 A-1 in Italian Carabinieri Army. Repainted by Roberto Piazza. The model is a real helicopter used by Italian Carabinieri Corps for patrol. 287K