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Helicopters Page 26
Agusta-Bell AB205A-1 Italian Carabinieri Air Service , circa 1986. In honor to the flying Carabinieri. This helicopter is fully animated and upgraded with the "Huey" sound package. The pilot and co-pilot doors open when the aircraft is shut down, then close when rotor rpm increases. The cargo doors open and close with the landing light switch or "ctrl L". Original version by Jordan Moore, Modifications and Instrument Panel by: Lynn Rogers, Repaint 24 bit texture by: Roberto Piazza. 8.1MB
Boeing V-22 Osprey Textures only. Big Missy. I have taken the liberty of making several repaints of the V-22 by Vlad Zhyhulskiy (here). This is Big Missy, a fictional livery for a variety of aircraft I call the "Victor" series, which includes several modern heavy aircraft such as the B-2 and the Sonic Hornet (by Lee Rosario). Textures by Travis FitzPatrick. 938K
USN Seaking Textures. Repaint of Robert Tremblay version of Manual Gonzalez's SH-3 Seaking. Repaint by: Wayne Nichols Textures only...You will need Robert Tremblay's SH3USCAN.zip found here or the original version by Manuel Gonzalez SH-3z.zip. 300K

Sikorski S 64 Sky Crane 3 livery package v. 1.0 for FS2K2 FSDS 1 model in 3 Liveries (Erickson, Evergreen and US Army). With spinning wheels, front wheel steerable. Animated rotor blades. Use "Ctrl + L" to make the container visible ! No panel included ! May be there will be a better version (made with FSDS 2) in future. Have fun. Patrick Freitag. 2.8MB
FL 282 Kolibri. The Kolibri was the first fully practical helicopter, superior to the Fw61 and served with the German Navy in WW2. Model and paint by Ignacio Alfredo Mendive. 2.1MB
FS2002 Aerospatiale AS350 Berner Oberländer Helikopter AG (BOHAG) Textures only , Switzerland New Paint by Pascal Küffer, SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP. Based on the aircraft by Frans Vranken (Monaco Air, Original Aircraft required - here)!), with his friendly permission to release. The BOHAG is operating in Switzerland with the Alouette III (released P.Küffer, SHDG), SA315B Lama (released M.Peter, SHDG) and the AS350. The "Schattenalb" scenery (Helipad BOHAG, near Meiringen, Switzerland) for FS2002 is also available (by A.Hegi-Ortelli & M.Peter, SHDG). 978K
Helicopter Demonstration Video - SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP SHDG. This ist the first and once promo-video of the work released by the SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP. The video shows the AS315b Lama, departing from the BOHAG (Berner Oberländer Helikopter AG) heliport in Schattenalb, near Meiringen (CH). The Helicopter Repaint (by M.Peter, SHDG) and the Schattenalb Scenery (by A.Hegi) is available at Simviation.com. 9.9MB
FS2002 - KA-52 Hokum B Alligator set. Realistic Painel - Other models by me go to www.fs98fabmil.hpg.com.br - www.fsfab.kit.net , model & texture: Daniel da Silva. 2MB
FS2002 Aerospatiale AS350 Private: REMY-THE-BAR, Textures only. , back to the roots, CH-8370 Sirnach New Paint by Pascal Küffer, SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP. Based on the aircraft by Frans Vranken (Monaco Air, Original Aircraft required - here), with his friendly permission to release. This helicopter is actually not in duty. With friendly permission from C.Tanner, REMY Sirnach. Visit REMY the bar in Sirnach, Switzerland. 870K