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Civil Jets Page 70
FS2002 Embraer CX version 5A of Correios- EMBRAER - BRASIL - Designed with FSDS V2. Design and textures J R Lucariny. 500K
FS2002 Malmo Aviation 146-200 x3 textures. Repaints of Malmo Aviation's aircrafts SE-DRA, SE-DRB and SE-DRD. Textures only, requires by Jon Murchison (here) . Base textures by Jon Murchison. Repaint by Frederik Sonsky. 2.3MB
FS2002 Continental B737-200 FFX. Features just about everything. Also includes the companion 727-200. By The FlightFX Design Group with help from SGA (original 727 by Gary Carlson). 1.7MB

FS2002 YeoDesigns Boeing 737-200V2 South African Airways. 80% of the textures have been revised. The entire night effects have been made from scrap. Lights on the tail, fuselage and windows are totally new. There's even new lights effect on the reactors and fuselage. Effects that never existed on this plane before.The most realistic 737-200 ever made for msfs2002 at the time!!.. Features almost all the cool gmax features of the gmax modelling system with 64 sided fuselage. 1024x1024 and 512x512 textures and accurate and realistic flight dynamics. YeoDesigns Group Painted by Samy Fay. 2.1MB

FS2002/FS2000 - Airbus A-300B - CONTINENTAL (*livery, '87) Model features actuating control surfaces, extensive lighting, virtual static flight deck(*updated), and is AI ready (*no wheels). Repaint by: Jim Waters of model by: Jaefree Linn. 807K
FFG B737-900 in Continental Airlines colors. Model was created by Freeware Flight Group, repaint by Corey Ford. 3.2MB
FS2002 Canadian Regional Airlines Fokker F28 C-FOCR Full Moving Parts including: Aft Fuselage and Wing Spoilers, Ailerons,flaps,Fully Automated Landing Gear, etc. Textures by: Aaron Bjorndalen Panel Not Included. 503K
FS2002 Project Fokker 70 Air Littoral textures only. Repaint of the PF10070 Fokker 70 in Air Littoral livery. Textures only. The PF10070 GMAX AIRCRAFT-module is required for using this livery. For more information, go to Use PF10070 Fokker 70. By Alexandre Cadel. 1.8MB
FS2002/FS2000 - Airbus A-300B - Dominicana Model features Night Textures,full moving parts(sppilers,flaps, gears etc... Repaint by: Carlos D. Reyes. model by: Jaefree Linn. 714K
FS2002 Repainted default 737-400 in Varig´s old paint textures only. 444K
FS2002 Repainted default 737-400 in GOL - Brasil textures only. 446K