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Civil Jets Page 71
FS2002 Meljet Boeing 747-400F Cargo v3 - British Airways Union Flag This is a windows fixed version of the Meljet 747-400F by Job Melvin, repainted by Michael Lüdtke In this fixed version you won't see any windowlights during night flying along the fuselage. It was a bit disturbing so i decided to fix it =) Christer Hedlund. 4MB
FS2002 British Airways Pause to Remember 2002 Boeing 757-200 Boeing 757 model by Ai Aardvark. Repaint by Ashley Flynn. 619K
FS2002 Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 777-200 (fictional) v1.0. This rendition of the B777 has been completely built from scratch in Gmax for FS2002 and features a 32-sided fuselage and engines; brand new "maintenance mode" featuring opening engine cases, deployable Ram Air Turbine, opening gear bay doors on ground, opening Captain's window; virtual cabin (Business Class); Folding Wings; Flexing Wings; dynamic wingviews; animated reversers with animated fan air blocker doors; see through engines; animated landing gear with fully modeled struts and hydraulic pistons, &a lot more! By Melvin Rafi. Repaint by Timo (Ananas) Schroeder. 2.4MB
FS2002 Eastern Airlines Boeing 757-225. Registration N524EA, in EAL's final paint scheme. Eastern began repainting its B757 fleet in its final colors prior to its bankruptcy. Model by IFDG. Textures by Ben Hewitt. Eastern textures by Jason Diaz. 4MB
Northwest Airlines Meljet Boeing 747- 400 freighter ( fictional livery) By Melvin Rafi ( This rendition of the 747 freighter has been completely built from scratch in GMax for FS2002. Paintwork has been done by Ton van Bochove. 2.4MB
FS2002 Croatia Airlines A319. Original Model created By Robert Versluys. Repaint by Leon Šneler. 899K
FS2002 Repaint of the default 737 in Dominicana Airways livery.Textures only. Emilson Munoz. 570K.
FS2002 Project Fokker 70 Air France Textures only by Air Littoral Repaint of the PF10070 Fokker 70 in Air France by Air Littoral livery. Textures only. The PF10070 GMAX AIRCRAFT-module is required for using this livery. For more information, go to Use PF10070 Fokker 70. By Alexandre Cadel. 1.8MB
FS2002 Aircraft-McDonnell Douglas MD 83 AMC AIRLINE Aircraft by Stewart Global and Flight FX Paint job: MARCELO ALLENDE Posadas Misiones ARGENTINA Dedicated to my friend Javier Maluf, pilot of this aircraft in Egypt The MD-80 v2.0 brings a new aircraft fully compatible with FS2002. You will find that we've completely redone most of the model, making it completely Gmax. It features the latest reflection including dynamic shine, lighting, and animation technology including accurate flaps, landing gears, and thrust reversers and dynamic wing views. This is only the first in a line of MD aircraft. Next will likely be the MD83 or 87 as well as the DC9-51. The FDE is the superb MD80 FDE by Sam Chin with modifications by Mike Baumann, and the model is by Jonathan Stewart and Erick Cantu. Textures by Erick Cantu and Mike Baumann. 1.9MB