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Misc Page 14
FS2002 STAR TREK BORG SPHERE This is my second Borg ship my frist was the Borg Cube but now you can have the Borg Sphere This one has a much better panel and it was also programed in FSDS. Designed By:Matthew Betz. 2.4MB
FS2002 Enterprise 1701-D Untextured. I made this in FSDS in 2 days so if there are any bugs do not be suprised. Also I could not get the right textures for it so feel free to texture it. By: Matthew Betz. 378K

FS2002 Goodyear Blimp Package. Goodyear Blimp airship model GZ-20A in three liveries: Columbia, Eagle, Stars & Stripes. Features realistic lighter-than-air flight model, animated "Skytacular" night sign, photorealistic panel and interior views, fully animated moving parts. By Anders Jermstad. 14.8MB

Update: Goodyear Blimp for FS2002 update. This flight dynamics update will correct the blimp's tendency to cruise in a nose down attitude. Update only, requires gdyr2k2.zip. Goodyear Blimp by Anders Jermstad. Update suggested by Kevin Bryan.

Junkers Flightplan from April 20, 1925 Hi While strolling through Berlin, I happened upon a stand that was selling copies of this Junkers Timetable for 50 Pfennig. I was thinking someone could use this to build an Adventure for FS 2002 or whichever- possibly using Pierino Primavesi's beautiful Junkers Ju-52. Its rather large so that you can zooom into the details. I assume the copyright is Landesbildstelle Berlin as is stated at the bottom of Karte although if this stand was printing tons of copies, it probably can't hurt to post it. But selling may be a no no. Roger Moritz. 631K
FS2002 Pro. Jupiter 2 (Version 1) (From the T.V. series Lost in Space 65-68) Has a very detailed interior,exterior,Night textures,and Animations(see readme). A work in progress (comments,suggestions welcome)Copyright 2004 by Ronnie Pendergraft aka aceronzo. 3.4MB
FS2002 SVC-10 BOAC Movie This is Dave Maltby's Super VC-10 Taking off from Bournemouth Intl & Landing Is dedicated to all the enthusiasts of the VC-10's Hope you Enjoy! By John Bird. VC-10 Model available from http://www.maltbyd.fsnet.co.uk/html/home.htm 17.8MB
FS2002 Space Shuttle Columbia File & Video . Made in memory of those who perished aboard the space shuttle Columbia. The video itself is a launch from cape Canaveral. with the endeavour shuttle with external fuel tank and SRB's (included with file) It is a video using Matthew Moxons Flight model and Vanessa Leightower's sound and panel. Video By Nick Stoddart. 2.4MB
FS2002 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat. RHIB This is the Rigid Hull Inflatable for the Virtual United States Coast Guard. Model for FS2002 This is a copy of a vessel in the U.S. Coast Guard, although the USCG has many different sizes and models of this boat, this one features some commonly found items on board. The outboards turn when you turn the boat with it's rudders. By Brian Smith. 1.3MB

FS2002 M1A2 Abrams MBT Tank Package. A heavily modified tank derived from the M1A1 done by Roger Gaylor. The turret rotates and the gun can change elevation. It has an experimental (ficticious) panel. By Lee Baessler. 6.6MB
FS2002 BattleTech Seydlitz Aerospace Fighter V2. A lightwieght aerospace fighter from the Battletech/Aerotech wargame. Features full moving parts, exhaust effects, three models and two colour schemes (10th Lyran and 1st Davion Guards). An expanded version of my previous release. By Mark Walsh. 1MB
FS2002 Law Enforcement Boat Repaints This is a repaint package for the VUSCG 41' UTB and the VUSCG PSU Boat by Jordan Moore and Zane Greenwald (here). The repaints are: -Corpus Christi Police Dept.; 41' -Nueces County Sheriff's Dept.; 41' -Nueces County Sheriff's Dept.; PSU Boat. Troy Poe. 661K
FS2002 VUSCG 87' Coastal Patrol Boat Panel. for the CPB by Jordan Moore and Zane Greenwald (here) Panel by: Troy Poe. 3.4MB
FS2002 BSG Viper Mark II From the Sci Fi series "Battlestar Galactica 2003" the Viper MK II. Colonial Fleet fighter. Fast and maneuverable. Its 3 engines provides great acceleration power.Capable of very short lands and take offs.Includes functional Virtual Cockpit, animations, high resolution graphics, non standard gauges and smoke effectsby Ricardo Jr. 2.2MB
FS2002 Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine. This is an update for FS2002 of the Los Angeles Class Attack Sub by Richard Hogen. I have added or moved float points and changed the panel a bit. This is the whole sub.Bob Chicilo. 153K