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FS2002 Autopilot fix: Hate turning on Autopilot and the Wing Leveler comes on and can't turn it off. Well ya don't have to worry about that anymore by placing these files in FS2002 directory. Julio Santiago. 58K
Fs2002 Jaguar XK-120 Just for fun a classic personal sports car to explore all the beautiful scenery in fs2002!! Features fully animated virtual interior with working gauges and headlights. Fly to your favorite airport and switch to your Jag!! Brought to you by the Golden Eagles Squadron. 1.3MB
FS2002 - T-65 X-Wing Starfighter "Red 5" Thomas B. Beard. 340K
Flight crew on board and dynamic weather for microsoft flight simulator 2000 / 2002 Version 4.3 * Missing a flight attendant at your plane that is taking care about your passengers? * Missing a captain who is communicating with tower and passenger about the flight status? * Missing Passangers interacting to flight attendant and and captains flight skills? * Missing dynamic weather generation that constantly change with full control while you in flight? YOU GET EVERYTHING HERE ! Hendrik Kupfernagel 4.1MB
MARS GUO'S PODRACER VERSION 2.0 (c) 2002 Stoker Engineering by Germin Login This is a scale size model, with close-to realistic speeds and sounds. You can use the smoke system to add a taste of realizism. If you enjoyed my first model, you'll enjoy this version a lot better. It still flies the same, but it's a little larger. 260K
AI World Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Replaces traffic.bgl file in FS2002\SCENEDB\ATC\Scenery. Backup or rename original file to traffic.old as the program will look for .bgl extension. If you have added aircraft and flight plans to the original traffic.bgl file using an editor such as Traffic Tools they will need to be added to this file. File created using Traffic Tools by Lee Swordy. This file will change AI traffic call signs outside the US from an N number to a call sign of the country the flight originates from. Eric James. 8MB
FS2002 Flight Video of a Landing in a Boeing 747-400. By A. I. Hj. Jumat. 405K
GMAX Model for FS2002 of the US Coast Guard 52 Foot Motor Lifeboat. Includes panel. Features Animated Radar, transparent glass, cleats and rails on the deck, along with a barrel of fuel to take to stranded vessels. This boat is used in District 13 exclusively(Pacific Northwest). Used by D13 of the VUSCG http://www.vuscg.org. 175K
UD4L 'Cheyenne' Dropship V1.0. · Design: The UD4L is an aerospace capable dropship and tactical transport that is able of lifting heavy payloads up to 16,000 kg It is able to attain orbit under its own power from unprepared landing sites because of its vertical take-off (VTOL) capability, which makes it more flexible than other craft. · Highly detailed gmax convertion of Free ALIEN 2 Dropship 3ds model from 3Dcafé.com . Added virtual cockpit details,glass transparency, pilots and gear, gun, folding wings animation (exept cargo door, for the moment ) · Modified air and cfg file gives real VTOL and high speed capabilities. Folding wings are mapped to tailhook. Textured with the help of Barry Magann. By Pascal Deleporte. 7.5MB
Emirates Airlines Flight routes. (PART 1) Compiled july 2002 Author- Allan Macmillan. This is emirates airlines flight routes. Part one,.) The issue's will work like this::: Part 1- Emiates Airbus A330 flight routes (Out) THERE ARE 52 FLIGHTS IN THIS ISSUE Part 2-Emirates Airbus A310 flight routes (Being created) Part 3-Emirates Boeing 777 flight routes (Started some) Part 4-Emirates Boeing 747 (Cargo) flight routes. (Coming soon). 32K