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FIREWORK BURST Adds a burst of fireworks out the back of any plane. By Aaron Mack.20K
FS2002 Update 3 of David Roush's M1A1 Tank for FS2002. New paint, panel and new sounds. Plus panel with real time firing weapons/gauges/sounds. Project by Roger "Maddog" Gaylor. 4.1MB

FS2002 THE M400 SKYCAR - THIS IS IT The dream is a reality · People have dreamed about a personal air vehicle for years, but until now a practical one has not been available - the Moller 400 Skycar is the first such vehicle, an automobile-sized vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft for up to 4 passengers. · The M400 Skycar is designed to cruise at speeds up to 350 mph at altitudes up to 30,000 ft - initially, FAA regulations and fuel economy will restrict cruising speeds to 285 mph at altitudes below 10,000 ft. · It can travel up to 900 miles without refueling. · Quick, automatic fine adjustment and maneuvering are executed through computer control to produce a smooth flight - with advanced avionics, the Skycar will be simple to fly, and will eventually be capable of complete electronic piloting. · Cabin pressurization or oxygen will be provided to take advantage of the greater speeds that can be attained efficiently at high altitudes for longer trips. · Powered landing gear wheels will provide taxing to parking or takeoff areas - however, the Skycar is not designed as an on-road vehicle. The Skycar is unique · The M400 Skycar is classified as a "powered lift" vehicle - 4 pairs of rotary engines with ducted fans produce 1200 hp to provide 2800 lb of thrust. 11.3MB
FS2002 - AI Traffic Virgin Blue Flightplans This is the complete flight schedule of all flights that Virgin Blue Operate. You will have additional traffic at Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Launceston, Mackay, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Townsville Compiled by Matthew Huppatz. 73K
Flight crew on board and dynamic weather for microsoft flight simulator 2000 / 2002 Version 4.3 * Missing a flight attendant at your plane that is taking care about your passengers? * Missing a captain who is communicating with tower and passenger about the flight status? * Missing Passangers interacting to flight attendant and and captains flight skills? * Missing dynamic weather generation that constantly change with full control while you in flight? YOU GET EVERYTHING HERE ! Hendrik Kupfernagel 4.1MB
FS2002 Explosion effect upgrade, and this upgrade works on increasing the Explosion effect, and giving bigger Explosion ... Created By: "Flight". 616K
FS2002 - AI Traffic Singapore Airlines Flightplans This is the complete flight plan of all flights from Singapore Airlines operate with their planes. You will have additional traffic at Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris and Frankfurt. Compiled by Kwang-Chul Kim, AI Traffic Group. 136K
FS2002 - AI Traffic Iberia European Flightplans This is the complete flight plan of all flights from Iberia within Europe that they operate with their planes. You will have additional traffic at London, Barajas, Barcelona, Paris, Schipol, Stockholm and many more. Compiled by Mick Francis, AI Traffic Group. 133K
FS2002 Naboo Fighter model with R2 droid & naboo pilot free Max2.x model from Olivier Couston converted to Gmax with texture Version 1.0 work in progress (My first attempt with GMAX and MS mdl SDK) Pascal Deleporte. 1.9MB
GlobalFleet Client Version This is the client program for Project Globalfleet. It can be used to install and deinstall FS2002-aircraft that have been prepared for use with this program. Visit http://www.marian-aldenhoevel.de/GlobalFleet for details of the project. Author: Marian Aldenhövel. 669K