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FS2002 Extra Red, white & blue smoke effects. By Sean Sugar. 25K
FS2002 Set Of 15 Splash Screens. 15 Splash screens for use in FS2002, images of B744 (BA), B767 (Air 2000), B741 (AA), B734 (AA) and FS Default 737-400 (Orbit), 2 Splashes of B767 Pilot In Command Panel & 1 Extra Splash screen of a beautiful sunset! By Henry Lidster - AI Traffic Group. 4.5MB
Screensaver - Created using Xat v4.52, this screensaver shows eight (8) screenshots, in random order with several random transitioning effects, taken from Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition. Created By Sean Shugar. 376K
Legoracer. only for fs2002 this is my first project that i put on the internet and i workt fot the first time white transparent parts 3d design made whit gmax erik beertema. 711K
FS2002 ALIEN AMPHIBIAN CROPCIRCLE AREA-51 Gray UFO by George Philip Birney. The fastest of all FS2002 aircrafts. Amphibian UFo flies like a chopper, plane, jet, rocket, and even floats like a speedboat. Can beam down cropcircles. Must have 747-400, Concorde, King350 stock gauges in your sim. For the experienced simmer. By George Philip Birney. 5.4MB
FS2002 Start from the Top of the Mount Everest Just unzip into your FS2002 folder. Start FS2002 and select it under Flights->Mount Everest->MountEverest. You start from the highest point in the Fs2002-World! By Migebüff. 4K
FS2002 Kevlacat sport fishing boat this is a model of my Kevlcat "Tijuana" Created with G-max it has opening door tilting legs (rudder) lights smoke system 4 way flybridge views and a transparent cabin. with twin turbocharged diesel engines it leves a trail of black smoke. this is my 1st molel so some bits ant as good as they should be. By Deane Robson. 1.4MB
Extra300s Smoke with a Bang New red white and blue smoke for the extra300s, when you begin the smoke a burst of fireworks surrounds the plane then disapears and the smoke continues. For fs 2002 ONLY By: Aaron Mack. 20K
Engine Fire Simulates an engine fire at any time during flight. Causes large explosion on the left engine followed by continous sparks and a fuel leak. For the Boeing 737 in fs 2002 ONLY. By Aaron Mack. 55K