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Thunderbird 1 simulator. This is my first attempt to create an aircraft for FS2002 in Gmax. Which means that it's half-assed. The whole point of releasing a half completed model is to see if there is any reason for me to put in the time and effort into learning how to complete it. by Ken Bertschy. 3.5MB
Ground Forces Collection for fs2002 version 2 This file adds 9 ground trucks/ Cars to fs2002 . By: Ingmar Hendriks. 4.2MB
FS2002 -- Flight Plans for Fly The Mad Dog FS2002 -- Flight Plans for Fly The Mad Dog. Includes ten realistic flight plans to import and compile with Fly The Mad Dog add-on. By Luis Cerutti. 14K
Virtual Damage Tutorial: What is Virtual Damage? It's a way that lets you see any plane when they crash like the real thing smoke, fire, etc. With reading this u will understand how to install Virtual Damage to a plane is not hard to do, all u need to do is configure the aircraft.cfg in the aircraft folder. 141K
FS2002 Aircraft similar real traffic flight plans These AI flight plans can be used for FS2002. Traffic Tools version 1.2 or higher for FS2002 and AFCAD version 1.2.4 by Lee Swordy is required. all scheduled flights operated by FS 2002 and several add-on Aircraft out of Denver Intl. (KDEN), Frankfurt/Main Intl. (EDDF), Hong Kong Intl. (VHHH), Los Angeles Intl. (KLAX), Tokyo (Haneda) Intl. (RJTT), Tokyo (Narita) Intl. (RJAA) Airports. there are very similar to the real traffic to have more fun. The plans include over 1600 daily flights, including parking spaces and flights to: Europe, Asia, North America and Ozeanien by Dirk Brose. 571K
SHUTTLE pack for FS2002. Includes three versions of shuttle, with Booster rocks, reentry and standalone. Includes sounds and panel by Vanessa Leightower. Uploaded by Roger "Maddog" Gaylor. 2.3MB
Millenium Falcon For FS2002 - By Steve Robinson. A GMAX craft the Falcon is fully animated with a Virtual dynamic cockpit fitted with fold away guages to provides a good field of view when sight seeing. Side door opens and landing lights e.t.c. also included. This craft is intended to be flown using the virtual cockpit and the main panel is for reference only. Effects include a blue plasma trail, that glows in the dark, and cannon provided by Owain Robinson from Planesimulation. The Falcon can land and takeoff conventionally or Vertically. Please read the readme file. Filesize 3.5 MB.
The VA Administrator 2002 Logbook & Handbook (Freeware) This is a UPDATED VERSION of my logbook and handbook. It has a lot of handy hints. Not only is it a logbook but it also acts as a flight report emailer. It has it's own email software, you just send your flight report from your logbook. This comes with info on atc, fuel systems, rules and regs for VA flying, airport information, the list goes on. It was designed for the Administrator 2002 project coming soon. Information on this software can be found at my web site. This logbook & handbook is freeware. Please download your free copy here. This Version 1.3 - 5:41 PM 20/10/2002 Ray Porteous. 3.5MB
"Copperhead II VTOL" by Clint K. FSDS 'FSC' file included. Campbell From the movie "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" I am sharing this FSDS Pro model in an unfinished condition so that others can experiment and have some fun with it. As it is, the model does fly in FS2000 and FS2002... but you will need to get it into the air using skew mode, since the landing gear/scrape points aren't well defined in the .AIR file. I am currently using the .AIR file from Jonathan Ostrower's Boeing X-32B Joint Strike Fighter, which is also a VTOL craft, and shares flight characteristics that are very similar to what I desired for this model. 1.2MB
FS2002 NAPALM BOMB EFFECTS. No effect has ever been made like this before. This effect visually simulates the horrific bombs of napalm that you might have seen in the movie 'Outbreak'. Chris Trotter. 93LK
FS2002 Flight Adventure - Long Haul: For all of you out there who tried out my first flight adventure "Transatlantic flight" and liked it, well your gonna love this one. This flight is taken from Air Europes flight routes. The flight will take about 9-10 hours. this is mostly for those experienced pilots out there who can operate the 777 properly and safely. Hope you enjoy this. 629K