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Solotrek eXsoskeleton Flying Vehicle (XFV). The Solotrek XFV is the current project of Solotrek Aerospace Ltd which is in teathered hover testing, and may finally bring the dream of personal point to point transport into reality. By Colin Thwaites. 3.5MB
FS2002 British Airways B747 Adventure. This is a flight from London Heathrow to Changi (SINGAPORE) All notes are included aswell as eral world weather. This flight is for those of you who can fly and operate the b747 professionally.Expierance is needed on flying at high levels aswell as fuel changes, radio changes and also plotting points on NAV charts during your flight, this is all part of this flight, mainly because its fun and less boring but more so its realistic. Allan MacMillan. 565K
FS2002 UNITED AIRLINES ADVENTURE. You are the captain onboard UAL928 from KORD to EGLL. This flight along with all my compiled flights shows the best and most realistic way to flying long/short haul flights. In this case you will fly the B773 from Chicago to London, included real b777 before start chks, also realistic clearance file. Brill and realistic file for expieranced B777 pilots in FS2002 only! Allan macmillan. 884K
FS2002 B757-200 ADVENTURE. This flight is onboard JETSET 456C from Manchester to Mahon during realworld weather. This is a regular flight for JETSET. Requires B757 in JETSET colours, available from Simviation.com. Includes all needed papers, including SID Nokin 1R for EGCC. Allan Macmillan. 580K
Training Missions For the F-16 Title=USAF Fighter Pilot Description=Do you have what it takes to do nap-of-the-earth flying? Or intercept airliners for practice of the real thing? The following missions will test you skill in the following: Low Level Flying, Intercepts, Speed of Sound Manoevers. Requires F-16 Panel available here. By: Chris Craven . 43K
FS2K2 FSMeteo Wx Display Toggle Switch v1.0 A simple XML switch that toggles on and off the new FSMeteo Weather Display. User must have FSMeteo and Weather Display properly installed (not included). By Andy Hatcher. 4K
MMC'S Flight Diary 4WD for FS98 / FS2000 / FS2002 A MMC'S HMMWV (HumVee) 4WD in MMC's Flight Diary scheme. By BlackHawk. 36K
20 Stereo3D high-res ILA Airshow pictures. Stereo 3D high resolution pictures from the ILA Airshow in Berlin, May 2002. Best viewed with shutterglasses and NVIDIA`s stereo 3D driver and WIN3D/ 3DPIX. These special stereo 3D images are up to 2560x1024 for high resolution pageflipped 3D viewing. An example how you can discover all the landscapes with FS2002 in Virtual Reality mode by using stereo 3D techniques. The included 3D Photos are free for noncommercial usage only! For more high quality stereo 3D photos and how to fly the FS2002 in stereo3d real depth technique please look at: http://www.Virtual-Adventure.net By Stephan Stahl & Peter Bausch. 35MB
FS2002 Kuro Demekin (black pop-eyed goldfish) It is the 2002 Christmas present from Sakichi System. Kuro Demekin is one of the famous goldfishes in the kind of a goldfish of Japan. The big eye which jumped out is the feature of that. Please enjoy the animation of Demekin with an external viewpoint. :-) By Sakichi System (Ogawa Tetsuji 'm0m'). 382K
Replacement smoke system for any plane. It adds a very long blue trail. Adam Holman. 2K
FS2002 Cold and Dark Cockpit Gauge This Gauge starts every aircraft with a cold and dark cockpit (switched off Engines, Avionics and the complete Electricity) when on grond. The Gauge works with absolutely every Panel and aircraft (Free-, Share- and Payware) no matter if it is a Prop, Turboprop or Jet and it's easy to install. By Matthias Lieberecht. 3K
The Attack of Pearl Harbour. Take off from honolulu int. in a sopwith camel with the date set to december 7th, 7:55am, 1942, the time when the japanese attacked pearl harbour. althoung you cant see any action, you can sure feel it. by Steven Saphore 5k
FS Video of 747 landing at Meigs. Simon Hall. 308K
Star Wars T-16 SkyHopper. By 'Incom' . 600K