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FS2000/FS2002 Stinson Reliant SR-10 panel. Photorealistic. Use this panel for your Paul Clawson's Stinsons. By Charlie Rousseau. 1.5MB
Alternate 2 Jet engine panel (fs2002 standard/PRO) Here you see my FS2002 version of my alternate 2 jet engine panel. This panel is based at ASTRA SPX pictures, and is compatible with every Gulfstream and Learjet panel. This panel can also be used for ATR aircrafts! This panel has all the usual things, like GPS and internal views. This panel is also equipt with GPWS sounds. There are also special light effects for the cockpit. I have also included some other programs, from myself. Like my newest INFO CENTER 1.3, and a new winampskin, for the users of winamp. By Frank Elfert. 4.1MB
FS2002/FS2000 EMBRAER EMB-120 Panel The EMB 120 is a 30-seat, pressurized twin-turboprop featuring high cruise speed and low operating costs. The cockpit features Electronic Flight instruments. Its roomy cabin can seat up to 30 passengers. By Daniel da Silva. 748K
FS2002 Pro Saab 2000 Panel Version 0.91. Includes Interior wiews and customized flight model used by aircraft. Nighlighted and real owerhead panel. Few bugfix, and missed gauges. Not requied my Saab2k02.zip By Tamas Biro. 8MB
FS2002 Panel fictional panel for one engined plane gauges are included and the xml gauges of the default B744 and a HUD(3D only) and sorry for the fighter panel(my mistake) By Peeters Johan. 610K
Fs 2002 panel Airwolf A panel for the airwolf helicopter. Includes GPS,Radios.HUD,radar,AP. By Johan Peeters. 459K

Fs 2002 panel A-380 panel for the Airbus 380 realistic panel generally based on panel bmp from the download a-380 added changes so it maches more to the real thing By Johan Peeters. 477K

Update: Fs 2002 panel A-380 fix this file fixes the problems with the gauges and adds the missing gauge file for use with: 380pnljp.zip

FS2002 Pro RAF BRISTOL BLENHEIM Mk IV. This is a highly detailed repaint by John Rushby-Smith of D.Kahlstom's FS2000 Blenheim IV model, which is a long-nose version, with moving parts, of Hervé Devred's original Blenheim Mk 1. The package includes a realistic panel, plus supplementary gauges, which include a version of Chuck Dome's moving yoke and a moving throttle hand. For ease of flying the panel is equipped with an autopilot and GPS. 850 Kb John Rushby-Smith. 849K
FS 2002 Panel B-1b -based on a picture of the real B1 B Panel -includes the buttons for the GPS,ATC,HSI,PFD -internal views will be for arround Juli -recomended resolution is: 1024-768*32 by Johan Peeters. 1.2MB
MD 90 panel (FS98 and fs2000/fs2002 standard/PRO) This MD 90 panel is designed for FS98 (this panel was a request from Johan Bakker). But this panel is also tested in FS2000 and FS2002 without any problems. This panel is designed for use in 800x640 or higher! By Frank Elfert. 802K