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FS2002pro Jump seat Panel Airbus A340, jump seat panel based on real picture; uses default gauges and the xml gauges of the default B744 By Peeters Johan. 706K
FS2002 B737-800 PANEL Photoreal Classic 3D Panel with full interiors views UP and trottle. Most common gauges with crew announcements. by Mario Coelho. 7MB
FS2002 F-16 C panel Lockheed-Martin F-16 C or A-mlu- by Peeters Johan. this is my panel of the F-16 for fs2K2-pro. original bitmaps by Romulus111VADT (with permission of Romulus111VADT to use his Bmp's) -It works great under Windows Xp Home -realistic gauges -recomended resolution is: 1024-768*32 -HuD included(3d only) By Peeters Johan. 1.8MB
FS2002 panel AV-8B Harrier Boeing AV-8B Harrier panel for FS2k2- by Peeters Johan. this is my panel of the Harrier for fs2K2 -based on a picture of he panel i found on the net. -It works great under Windows Xp -realistic gauges -recomended resolution is: 1024-768*32 -fully transparant HUD included(3d only) By Peeters Johan. 2.3MB
Fs2002 Improved X-wing Panel New and improved X-wing panel bitmap from x-wing vs Tie fighter (Lucasarts) -Mfd's included -HuD included(3d only) By Peeters Johan. 861K
Fs2002 Panel Eurofighter Typhoon EFA-2000 Panel for EFA-2000 has MFD's,GPS,AP,Weather radar,HUD(3D and on demand mayby a 2D) works verry good with guiseppe's (bepino's) eurofighter By Johan Peeters (Groovy Panter). 1.2MB
Alternate 4 jet Engine panel (OLD StYLE) (fs200x standard/PRO) Here you see my FS2002 version of my alternate 4 jet engine panel (OLD STylE). This panel can be used for all classic 4 jet engine's like the DC 8 or the Boeing 747-200. This panel has all the usual things, like GPS and throttle. This panel has also support for GPWS add-ons/sounds. This panel has also internal views. And new in this version is the special light effect for the cockpit (available in dusk and night). I have also included some other programs, from myself. Like INFO CENTER 1.1, and a new winampskin from this panel, for the users of winamp. By Frank Elfert. 5.2MB
Antonov AN-124 panel for FS2002. Uses only default + concord gauges. Panel bitmaps are based on a photo of an original AN-124 panel. Best to use in 1024x768 resolution. Marc Bley. 270K
FS 2002 Generic Twin Turboprop Panel v2.0 FS2002 Generic Twin Turboprop Panel.For Any Twin Turboprop Aircrafts. This Panel Has NAV radios, Autopilot, Throttles, Starter, Compass, Anunciator, Stall Overspeed & Brake Lights All Intergrated On The Panel....... David Burgin. 1.2MB