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FS2002 SAAB / Ericsson "Gripen" Instrument Panel FS2K2 - This is a representation of the actual hi-tech Gripen cockpit, with minor additions, including HUD, switchable gauge displays and window views. Much needed by pilots of the new JAS39 G sim model. Designed by Sharizal Zahrin. 2.4MB
FS2002 Robinson R-22 R-44 Photorealistic helicopter panel R 22 & R 44 gauges. Panel By: Zoltán Batki. 1.4MB
Fs2002 panel Boeing F-15E/I Panel for F-15 E/i version ; includes costum made HUD, all the windowsGPS AP RADIOS this panel is as real as it gets! for 1024*768* minimum By Johan Peeters. 1.4MB
Boeing 727 panel for FS2002. This panel includes all the usual stuff, like GPS, removeable flightyoke, compass and AP Support. Also GPWS (ground clearance calls) is included. This panel also includes real B727 internal views. Framerate friendly! By Frank Elfert. 5.7MB
SUKHOI-34 (SU-34) instrument panel for FS2002. Fancy doing the "Cobra Dance"? Watch the climb rate fall to zero with engines roaring and the angle-of-attack meter speaking the impossible. Here's the panel for doing that, but this one is for the two seater cockpit of the Su34 Flanker series. Loads of eye candy with switchable and movable panel displays, and Pilot and Co-pilot views. Designed as close to the real cockpit as possible. See attached photographs* of the real thing. Also included, screen captures of my cobra dances if you're wondering what on earth that means... Sharizal "Snake Charmer" Zahrin. 2.7MB

FS2002 Panel. Sukhoi SU-37 "Super Flanker" Vsn4.1. To celebrate Daniel & Denis da Silva releasing their new Sukhoi's I've updated my FS2000 panel for 2k2 compatibility. Features HUD, working radar, side views, 4 switchable MFD's, fuel/electric/start systems and much more. 1of 2 req'd files. Freeware. By Robin Ritchie. 1.6MB

Gauge files. 1.9MB

Mirage 2000 Panel for FS2002 . Requires FS2000 'Concorde gauge' (available here if needed) By Ernest Laverdure 1.3MB
Boeing 737-6/7/8/900 NG Panel. My first Boeing 737-6/7/8/900 NG panel was for FS2000. This was a big succes! The panel is downloaded more than 25.000 times! Unfortunately the panel was not compatible with FS2002. But this version is now fully compatible and has even more functions! Like a removable flightyoke, Pop Up GPS, all the B737 NG internal views and GPWS support. A happy newyear! By Frank Elfert. 6MB