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REAR VIEW (air refueling operating station) (ARO) for KC-10 Tanker. Addon 'rear cockpit view' which puts you in the Boomer's seat for air refueling. Bud Engel. 787K
F-15C panel for FS2002. Features highly accurate guage placement as well as the radar guage and variable HUD guage by Eric Marciano. The HUD has four different brightnesses for all times of day. The radar can be used to chase AI aircraft and then escort them. Panel created in CfgEdit by Craig White. 2.1MB

FS2002 Boeing 777 Panel. This remake of my earlier panel has realistic displays, realistic HSI control, autobrake , and a real view bitmap best for 1024*768. By Johan Peeters. 2.5MB

B737-800 Control Panel Version #2 This is an auto install file for my 737-800 Pa el Version #2 to eliminate some install confus on This file places all the gauges, sounds fil s, bmp's, and panel cfg alias in their proper places reducing the installation time and maxi mizing your flight time enjoyment. 6.9MB
NASA Spaceshuttle Panel for FS2002 and FS2002 Pro. Requires Concorde gauge (here)if you don't have it. by Tom Kellner. 7.7MB
FS2002 Classic Panel for the Handley Page Dart Herald. Panel for the Herald. Designed for Rick Piper's FSDS 2 HP Herald aircraft (here). Features 7 separate windows including default GPS. Tested down to 800X600 resolution on a P3 500. Includes manual and improved installation help. Saverio Maurri
Boeing 717 photoreal Jumpseat position panel. The previous version for FS2002 had some bugs and texture problems. But this version fix all of these problems! The panel is also equipt with all the B717 internal views. This panel has also a specail light system (for night), GPS, GPWS support and more! By Frank Elfert. 4.6MB
Diamond Katana Panel..Its made using Cfgedit and uses default gauges. The only gauge that was changed was the GPS gauge. This is my first panel ever. This panel made by Shahvir Buhariwalla. 189K
Boeing 777-200/300/ER. By MosAircraft. 3.7MB