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Piper PA 42-720 Cheyenne III panel. Original bitmap by Matthias Lieberecht. Configured by Damiano De Tomassi. 1.6MB

FS2002 C-130 Hercules fun panel for fs2002: fun jump seat panel. it is my first attempt at a c-130( full panel) file size 846KB Built by Pil Ottom. 846K

(FS2002Pro) 737, 757, 767 jet engine panel designed and built by Dave Tomlinson. 791K

FS2002Pro Generic Twin Turboprop panel for any twin turboprop. Designed & Built By Dave Tomlinson. 361K

Boeing 717 photoreal panel (fs200x standard/PRO) this is my first new panel after my come back! This Boeing 717 photoreal panel, has all the internal views, FS2002 SIMICONS, Throttle, GPWS support, pushback support, *overhead panel*, specail light effects and more! This panel is designed for FS2000 and FS2002 (there are 2 different installations included). This panel is available in the "easy installation" and "zipped archive" installation. This is the "zipped arhive"!!! I have also included a new version of my "flightsim.bat" and a higly new Boeing 717 winampskin! Soon i will also realease more new panels, I'm back! Frank Elfert. 7.7MB
FS2002 chromed 737 panel - altered panel image to give 'chrome' effect at top..designed & built by Dave Tomlinson file size 155KB

FS2002 PanelV2 for the F4E Phantom II. Please disregard the contents of PhanPan.zip if you previously downloaded that panel. This panel was made specifically for the F-4E aircraft produced by Michael Gurezka, file f4eb_308.zip, but will work with other FS2002 military fighter aircraft. Includes new add-on dark smoke effects for Michael's aircraft as an optional add-on to his fine work. Jim Bennett. 1.3MB

UPDATEto F4PanV2.zip for FS2002 Fixes the "3rd Party software warning" when using the GPWS gauge in the F4 Phantom Panel. Instructions, sounds, and ref material included. Jim Bennett . 248K

B-52H Stratofortress Panel for CFS2/FS2002 This panel has the look and feel of a B-52H instrument panel & this panel is not intended to be an accurate reproduction of a true B-52H cockpit. This cockpit is highly detailed and the BMP's are as close to the real aircraft as I could do with the pictures that I could locate on the web. Panel has been tested in CFS2/FS2002 and has not been tested in FS2000. When and where possible the use of gauges as accurate to the real aircraft have been used. The Gauges are as close as is possible with the existing gauges that I could locate on the web By: Romulus 111VADT. 3.1MB

A Generic Boeing panel for FS2002 Pro. Includes all required gauges. Suitable for the Boeing 757, 767 but designed for the 777. Andrew Minckley. 896K

FS2002 panel Boeing747-412,highly realistic,based on photos from Boeing747-412. by Pasquale Rinaldi. 912K