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FS2002 BAe146 Panel Completely new Version of the BAe 146 Panel for FS2002 (works with or without FSUIPC.dll). The Panel contents now all inside Cockpit views and a new Pedestal and Overhead Panel. The fully equipped Overhead Panel reflects the real BAe146 Cockpit and contents a lot of completely new programmed Gauges including a real start up procedure based on the checklists of the BAe146. Also included is a 40-pages Cockpit Manual in PDF format and all necessary Module files. By Matthias Lieberecht. 5.9MB

Fix: FS2002 BAe146 Panel Fix This Zip file contents the missing Modules for the FS2002 BAe146 Panel Ml146pv2.zip. By Matthias Lieberecht. 212K

FS 2002 Panel for De Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo (dhc5pan2). This highly realistic panel has been designed by John Rushby-Smith with help from Major Eric Mitchell of 442 Sqn (Search and Rescue), Canadian Armed Forces, who generously provided diagrammatic and photographic material, and from simmer Bernie Spanier who sent the material to me. It uses mostly standard FS2002 gauges but extra gauges are included. FS2000 Concorde.gau (here)is also required. By John Rushby-Smith. 730Kb.
FS2002 A320 panel. Please back up your original panel.cfg file and any gauge files that you are asked to over-write. The panel was designed and tested in 1024x768 resolution. It uses the default FS2K2 files but you will also need the concorde gauge from your FS2K (here) or d/l it from the net. Unzip the files to a temp folder. The panel.cfg and bitmap go into your favourite A320 aircraft - panel folder. The gauge files go into your FS2K2 gauge folder. Enjoy. Configured from existing work by 'Buckz'. 2.3MB
THE DC-10-30 PANEL FOR FS2002 "PRO" THIS PANEL IS FOR FS2002 PRO ONLY!! FEATURES: Original bmp background with analog gauges. Ther are 80 gauges alone on the main panel. Includes FS2002 SIMICONS, spolier arming gauge, inner and outer flap gauges, nav/gps switch, two DME readouts, autopilot annunciator gauge, and a pneumatic air break gauge to name a few. Uses some of Paul Golding's, Chuck Dome's, and Charles Fox's excellent gauge designs. Must have the default FS2000 Concorde Gauge for this panel (here) . Tom Dennis 1.9MB

Mirage 2000 panel for CFS2 / FS2000 / FS 2002. Especially designed for Dassault Mirage 2000, but can also be used with any modern jet fighter. Includes an optional CFS2 GPS, and a freeware "homer" to find back your airfield. Designed by Pat Grange. 869K
Airbus A320/330 panel (fs200x standard/PRO) Here is my newest Airbus A320/330 panel. This panel is tested in FS2000 and FS2002. This panel got all the normal things like GPS and ATC support. This panel has also working *wipers*, cabin sign's, pushback and a specail throttle panel.I have also included a new winampskin, for the users of Winamp. This panel got also all the Airbus A320/330 internal views. Check also my newest version of website! By Frank Elfert. 4.8MB

FS2002 Cessna 172 (fs200x standard/PRO) Here is my newest photoreal Cessna 172. This panel is based at real pictures only! This panel got all the normal things, like GPS, ATC support, and AP support. This panel got also all the Cessna 172 internal views (made by myself). I also want to thank Bart de Vries, for letting me fly a real Cessna 172 (PH-CBN), and for the pictures I could made. By Frank Elfert. 19MB

FS2002 Pro. My FS2K 757 panel redone with FS2K2Pro gauges. Unzip the file into a temp folder. Back-up your old 757 panel first. Copy the panel contents to your favourite 757 aircraft panel folder and the gauge contents to your FS2002 Gauge folder.Enjoy! Buckz. 3.7MB
Wingview package (fs200x standard/PRO) This zip file contains 4 different wingviews! These wingviews are compatible with FS2000 and FS2002. This wingviews can be used for every aircraft. The 4 wingviews are designed for the: Boeing 707, 747-400, A330 and the MD 10/11. There is also one winampskin included for the users of winamp. By Frank Elfert. 3.2MB