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FS2002 Pilatus PC9 Demonstrator. The PC9M is the current production variant built by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. This version has been created by using Abacus' Flight Simulator Design Studio version 2.20. Features include full moving parts including undercarraige suspension, opening canopy, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit and reflective textures. Flight dynamics constructed using the 1% spreadsheets, v2.82.76. By David Friswell. 4.8MB

FS2002 DORNIER DO 28_Package V2 This is an all-new original flight simulation model. It was created by using gMAX & all textures (3Liverys) are original. The, gear suspension, wheels, animated as well as the flaps ,slats, etc.The model has special effects like water spray, touch marks etc. The Model has been tested with FS2002 PRO & STD. Model, animation, panel Anthony Konstantinidis, textures by Bill Yannakos2003. Technical supports by Mathias Elsaesser. 7MB

Update: This is a small fix for the Lights. Just unzip this file in to the effects folder. 6K

FS2002 EVERGREEN EXPRESS SHORTS 360 Mike Stone's GMAX Shorts Brothers 360. Full reflective textures, animated control surfaces, and high lift wings give it excellent short field performance. Repainted for the Evergreen International VAC Feeder Division. This file uses the default King Air 350 panel and sound. Ken Mitchell's Shorts 360 Panel for FS2002 is recommended. Repaint by Tom Dennis. 712K
FS2002 EMBRAER EMB-120 Brasilia. Designed in FSDS V2 By L R Lucariny. 942K
FS2002 Fuel Tank Configuration for Denis DaSilva's T-6 series. Due to a wrong fuel tank configuration, Denis DaSilva's T-6 series of aircraft are out of balance. This ZIP file contains a .DOC and a .TXT document, containing the right Fuel Tank Configuartion. Just replace Denis's settings with the settings, provided in these files, and you will end up with a perfectly balanced T-6! After take-off, the aircraft will no longer turn to the left, unless you want it to!!! By Johan "VIPER" Lemmers. 4K
FS2002 Piper PA-24-250 Comanche 250 4 Repaints - textures only: Description: This is a repaint of Chuck Dome's Piper PA-24-250 Comanche 250. This has 4 repaints in the file all are highly detailed.Requires original Comanche by Chuck Dome - here) repainted by Jeff Gossett. 498K
FS2002 EMBRAER EMB-120 Brasilia SKY Europe. Designed in FSDS V2 by J R Lucariny. 913K
FS2002 1939 Stinson SR-10 "Reliant" This all new FSDS2 project has the usual moving parts, transparent windows , a pilot figure, Nav lights and a red specular shine. It is painted to match a calender photo. Roger Gilbert's Custom Stinson panel is part of the package. By Paul Clawson. 2.9MB
FS2002 Evergreen International VAC Fairchild Metroliner III This is a FSDS model made by Fred Choate for FS2002. This model featres the livery repaint for Evergreen International VAC Feeder Division. It includes a control panel also by Fred Choate. Documentation for adjsuting weight and balance is included. Repaint by Tom Dennis. 573K
FS2002 Evergreen International Saab 340 series. FSDS model : Pascal Linder/FFG Animations : Matts Falck/FFG FDE : Dave Page Masters : Pascal Linder/FFG, Freeware Flight Group. 4.8MB