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Fs2002 Grumman HU-16A 'ALBATROSS' Italian Air Force 15th wing S.A.R. (version 2.0) new repaint with improvement texture,later 15th wing's coat of arms (since 1973), new ID code, new engine texture. Included Wright R1820-76A engine sound and panel. This model is now on display at Italian Air Force museum in Vigna di Valle, near Rome. Original model by Greg Pepper, Repaint By Roberto Piazza. 3.3MB

Update: Grumman HU-16A 'ALBATROSS' Italian Air Force, fix texture and included gauges for panel. 960K

FS2002 Update for Project Globe Twotter. Update Patch for the award winning DHC6-300 Skybus Twin Otter (d6skybus.zip- here) by Premier Aircraft Design. Includes a New MDL file, Revised Textures, and adds New Zoom Popups for the panel as well as new panel lighting. Also includes a new looking FS2002 GPS500 GPS. The d6skybus.zip file must be installed in FS2002 before using this Patch. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May. 2.5MB

FS2002/4 Cessna 152 HARVS AIR HOUSE MODEL. Full reflective Textures & includes panel. Designed in FSDS V2 by Rey Lopez. 1.1MB

Upgrade: Fixes texture bleed. 200K

FS2002 RCAF T-6 Harvard textures. Redone version of previous RCAF Harvard textures. This update contains the actual Royal Canadian Air Force maple leaf insignias, as well as the original RCAF aircraft markings (Cf-RZQ), on the underside of the left wing. This is the aircraft owned by Hank Avery of Morganton, North Carolina, operated out of Silver Creek Airport (NC52). Requires the da Silva T-6 (here) . Textures only. Aircraft.cfg file included. Repaint by Dalton Walters. 699K
FS2002/4 Reno Air Race Package FS2002 files that work in FS2004 as well. Easy install. Group of 5 racing mustangs W / fast frame panel and scenery addon. 10.4MB
FS2002 CESSNA C310-Q One of the most popular GA to this date, the 310 set the standard of what a twin engine private aircraft should be like. This is painted in the colors of the FL. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, this aircraft is used for electronic testing. Model includes all available options found today in most payware models, built with FSDS 2.11, from fully annimation to reflec- tive texturwes and material, also included is a panel created by myself that matches the Dynamic Virtual Cockpit. Designed by Rey Lopez. 1.2MB
FS2002 Aviation Traders Carvair. This Aviation Traders Carvair was one of three operated by Ansett in the 1960's. They took delivery of this aircraft in November 1965 and sold it in January 1974\nCarvairs could carry up to 5 cars and 22 passengers, or alternatively up to 65 passengers. Design & Textures: Rey Lopez Flight dynamics: Guenter Kirschstein. 1.8MB
FS2002/4 Fokker 27-200 French Securité Civile. Repaint of Mike Stones Fokker 27-200: in colors of French Securité Civile by J.M. Mangiavacca(07/2003) Please read the original M.Stone's readme text included in the package for more information about model. Panel by Ken Mitchell: please read Panelreadme text for informtion about panel. 5.4MB
FS2002 Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300. British Airways (Loganair) Reg# G-BVVK. This Twin Otter flys regular service in the Scotish Highlands & Islands. Includes panel, views and paint by Premier Aircraft Design. The d6skybus.zip file must be installed before using this aircraft. Model made completely in Gmax with wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May. 6MB
FS2002 KingAir B200 in French Securité Civile colors. Zip including original model and textures + new textures and aircraft.cfg Size: 4.866 Kb. Thanks to Chuck but it was a hard job repainting this plane without correct tools. Aircraft by Chuck Dome. Repainted by MANGIAVACCA J.M.. 1.7MB